BandHip Hop

Raw unsigned talent one of the best doing it


As crazy as it sounds Im influenced by less talented artists that portray a bigger picture than what is being done, in other words Fakers motivate me. Shotgun isn’t a name that I came up with on my own its a name that I grew into just battling dudes I use to go by The Kid when people started calling me Shotgun its sounding so good that I had to run with it. A lot of performances that I have done were contests my first performance took place at a local spot called The 2nd Floor I performed a track that I did with Real Records "Shut tha Club Down" and when I say I smashed that performance I mean that literally. It felt like I had been performing for years which felt real good at cause in my eyes it was like Im a natural. To make a long story short i won the contest and took home the trophy for it. What makes me different from everybody else doing it is I'm dedicated 200% a lot of people say they dedicated and they don’t show up to the studio when they supposed to and they late to shows or they don’t show up. As of rite now I been hitting the local record pool meetings here in Birmingham for like 3 months faithfully with new material every time and nailing it. One thing that Im proud to say is that I have never been booed or nobody every said I spit duds.


The Underground,The Takeover,Cant hold me down, Ok Nigh, It aint a game

those just some of my singles that i have down right now im not getting any constant radio play but i have alot of music being played online just to name a few: and