Shotgun Crackers
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Shotgun Crackers

Norrtälje, Stockholm, Sweden

Norrtälje, Stockholm, Sweden
Band Rock Pop




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Shotgun Crackers (2010)



Shotgun Crackers is a Swedish pop/indierock-band from Norrtälje.
In fall 2006 Albin Fröjd(bass), Fredrik Nilsson(vocals), Niklas Karlsson(guitar) and Simon Kolström(drums) formed the band Shotgun Crackers.
Albin, Niklas and Simon met when they had music lessons together in high school and Albin knew Fredrik from before. In 2007 Jonas Lundin(guitar), who was a friend of Niklas, joined in and the band recorded their first EP, “Music, march now!“.

Later that year the band also recruited Sebastian Ganz to play with them.
With Baby Ganz on keyboard and a new producer, Jens Broström the band moved forward and created a new sound with the recordings of the eps “Last summer of my life” and “EP08” witch included the hit song “Blood tears and dreams“.
Shotgun Crackers had now started to make a name in their region.

But then in spring 2008 Jonas Lundin left the group due to a lack of ambition and he was replaced by Gustav Bladlund(guitar).
Before Shotgun Crackers, Gustav sang and played guitar in the band Bright in years.
In August the same year Shotgun Crackers, who now rehearsed in a old weather mill on the countryside, wrote and recorded “Khpptsch!”.
“Khpptsch” included four songs, one of them in swedish. “Runner runner“, “Trevor“, “Happiness of flowers” and “Allt vad vi vill ha“.
The people was pleased and in late 2008 Shotgun Crackers won the music competition “Miller fresh sound” at the night club Cafe Opera in Stockholm.
For first prize they got a free recording at Kingside studios with the producer Otto Wellton.

In the year of 2009 the band recorded two new EPs, first “Visual Randomization” with their new producer Otto Wellton. And then “EP09” with their old producer Jens Broström. Jens Also played along with the band live this year, mostly percussion but he also did some dancing. In the summer of 2009 the band made a memorial gig at Hultfredsfestivalen . Before the gig the band didn’t eat anything for two days. Right after the gig some students from Hultsfred caught the band on videotape. You can watch it on Youtube.

In 2010 the band shaped up eight of their original songs and put together a record, the self-titled album Shotgun Crackers.
The fans were slightly disappointed as it only had two new songs on it, “Feel it” and “Different city“.