Shotgun Jimmie

Shotgun Jimmie


While his music mixes tones of early 90's indie-rock and late 60's Americana ...underneath it all, Shotgun Jimmie is a song and dance man.


With the careful first steps of “Duet” Shotgun Jimmie’s sophomore solo effort, The Onlys, lurches to life with hushed tones and echoing drums. Throughout the rest of the album’s thirteen songs, melodies build and fall into the arms of warm guitars and organic rhythms.

A founding member of perennial underdogs Shotgun & Jaybird, Jimmie has spent the last four years co-fronting the band from Dawson City to the greener pastures of Sackville, NB. After signing to the renowned Sappy Records in 2006, the group grew to quickly developed a devout national following with the successive releases of their EP There Are Days and There Are Days and LP Trying To Get Somewhere.

Now bravely standing on his own for the first time since 2004’s The 6,000 True Stories of Love, Shotgun Jimmie presents the glowing results of a summer spent in seclusion, writing and recording in the parlor of Marshwinds Farm. From the clamoring guitar attack of “Sparkelution” to wilting final notes of “Warbler Song,” The Onlys instills a mixture equal parts early 90’s indie-rock and late 60’s Americana.


The Onlys (Delorean Recordings)

Set List

Captain Howdy
Muse Sick
Warbler Song
Dark Cloud