Shotgun Lover

Shotgun Lover


To the point Rock and Roll with solid hooks, riffs, and energy.


Music is for the people, Shotgun Lover is for the people. If art is a take on one's perception or reaction to existence, than that is what Shotgun Lover shoots for. The band steams straight ahead for the listener with it's take on youth in America and Rock and Roll . But the listener can only go as far as the writer is willing to stick to his guns. This is what Shotgun Lover has tried to be about since day one. Genuine American Rock and Roll meant to be enjoyed, listened to, danced to, drank to, and felt.

After playing together for a year and a half in another local band, all of the members decided it was time for something else in the Spring of 2009. With countless gigs, practices, and stories behind them the guys hit the garage and started pounding out the tunes that now define who they are and the music they make.

Set List

30-75 minute set of originals.
Can do some covers in a set to make it in to two 75 minute sets.

Covers would be in the vein of Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Wilco, etc.