Shotgun Party

Shotgun Party

 Austin, Texas, USA

High energy acoustic music from Austin, TX. The songs and voice of Jenny Parrott will leave you breathless. The fiddle playing of Katy Cox is beautiful, savage and stunning. Andrew Austin-Petersen holds down the low end in just his own style on slap bass.


The original Shotgun Party trio met in a little Texas dive bar in 2006. They got their start performing weekly at Austin's own Continental Club. Sparks flew and now Shotgun Party, the Austin based trio, really knows how to fire up a crowd! Their original songs are beautiful and timeless drawing influences from early blues, country, bluegrass and depression era swing. Katy Rose Cox's fearless fiddling is simply virtuosic. Miss Jenny Parrott's gorgeous vocals and addictive songs will bring you to your knees. ...and introducing Shotgun Party's newest member, Andrew Austin-Petersen (formerly of the Shake 'Em Ups) on show stopping upright bass! With tight harmonies and lively stage antics, Shotgun party will leave you with a smile ear to ear. Don't miss 'em!!


Shotgun Party (Self-titled, 2007)
Mean Old Way (2009)

Set List

A typical set is 45-60 minutes and features 17-20 songs.

Up to Four 45 min. sets available (with breaks).

Sample set list (actual set lists vary night to night):
Paints a Yates -- Original
Run and Hide -- Original
Draggin' the bow -- Trad. Fiddle Tune
Mama -- Original
More Romantic than Texas -- Original
Rocking Chair -- Trad.
BNSF -- Original
Mean Old Way -- Original
Lullaby -- Original
Tayna -- Instrumental, Russian tango
Star Song -- Original
Pickled Eggs -- Original
Meet you on the Trail -- Original
Time Changes Everything -- Cover, Bob Wills
Shelly Swore -- Original
Candy and Creme -- Original
Canned Peaches -- Original