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Shotgun Rules

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The best kept secret in music


"Shotgun Rules"

Rising from the surprisingly active screamo scene of London, Ontario Estimated Time of Arrival offers up five tracks of tightly-wound emotional hardcore. “Like Helicopters,” the EP’s phenomenal opening track, demonstrates a dazzling technical proficiency woven through tight songwriting and gut-wrenching vocal layering. The stand out here is the six-minute-plus closing piano ballad, “No Sense of Consequence,” whose sonic restraint proves the band capable of producing strong music outside of the eardrum-wrecking range. Though occasionally veering a little too far into Thursday and Glassjaw territory, the original style of playing displayed on tracks like “Embers” allows the band and their EP to rise above their peers.

By Sam Sutherland
August 10, 2004
- Exclaim Magazine

"Estimated Time of Arrival"

Estimated Time of Arrival
Shotgun Rules
****(out of 5)

One of the better bands to come out of Southern Ontario in the last while, Shotgun Rules sound like the band The Used want to be. The London-based five-piece have only been a group for a relatively short time, but ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL is the kind of record that won't keep them unknown for long.

While only a five-song EP, the disc has more quality songs on it than most releases today. The music itself is very solid, but the strength of the band lies in vocalist John MacKenzie's lungs. His large range enables him to mix his growls with melodic singing that's similar to Chris Lewis of the The Kinison, yet he's still able to break out a ballad with "No Sense of Consequence." The lyrics are bursting with emo-riffic lines that will earn their way into the memory banks of indie rock boys and girls everywhere much
like those in Taking Back Sunday's TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS or Brand New's YOUR FAVORITE WEAPON.

An extremely solid record, ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL is a good beginning for a band that's sure to gain a lot of headway over the next few years. If there's one fault the EP has is that it isn't ballsy enough. Hearing the songs, one knows they put on one intense live show, but unfortunately it isn't fully transcended through the disc. Hopefully, they'll have more than enough time to correct that over their next few albums.

Chris Tessmer - The Carillion


"Estimated Time of Arrival" - EP Released June 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


Shotgun Rules are a five piece rock band. Born and raised on the sounds of underground Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and Modern Rock. The band’s formula is to have no formula. And since their earliest days collaborating together, Ric Mattingley and Corry Van Spronsen [guitars] have thoroughly sought to breakdown and breakthrough the mental incumbent structures of mainstream songwriting…resulting in songs that are driven, intricate and intense.

After a year of playing their local-scene [London, Ontario], showcasing their evolving sound, building a loyal and growing legion of fans…all involved respectively began to consider the importance of the group’s evolution. It was during this time [2003], that deeper evaluations revealed, a lineup change was needed and thus two new members, Dusty Mattingley [Ric’s younger brother] and John MacKenzie were welcomed into the fold. Dusty brought tight, pounding drum rhythms, very much off the beaten path from their older sound, while John [who just relocated from the east-coast to follow his passion for music] assumed the role of charismatic, talented and determined front man. What was undeniable, was the renewed impact both added on the band’s hard-edged, emotionally driven rock and roll assault!

The new lineup sparked stronger and newer material beyond their previous plateaus, resulting in the band’s debut EP: “Estimated Time of Arrival” [June 2004 / Cause & Affect]. The new songs incorporate powerful melodies, intricate rhythms and a stronger more mature level of songwriting. Stand out tracks including “Embers” and “Thank You Gravity” reveals a band not only diverse in their talents, but influences as well. From in-your-face guitars and guttural screams to beautiful piano compositions, Shotgun Rules has musically arrived with a truly strong debut.

2004 also brought the addition of Joe Giugno [bass], a move that has solidified their line-up. Joe, an extremely talented musician adds even more diversity to their sound. Having learned bass through hours of listening to the likes of Les Claypool [Primus], Joe’s taken the bass from being a backing instrument, to a very integral part of the band’s songwriting and creative evolution.

Shotgun Rules has recently turned the page onto another chapter in their career, leaving the comforts of their local scene and taking their show on the road. Look for Shotgun Rules to be doing what they love, creating a new modern rock sound, consistently playing shows and continuing to build a lasting musical bond with their fans, old and new alike!

“I grow stronger with each passing day. For now, I’ll survive on my own. With these moments, I will cherish all that we have done.”
- “Thank You Gravity” by SHOTGUN RULES

“If the past speaks towards the future, let’s hope they keep playing the future from their own hands…because it’s surely making for an exciting ride!”