The Shots (The $hots)

The Shots (The $hots)


High Energy Rock - Pop Punk with spunk. Early Green Day crossed with Nirvana and Wolfmother. The band have played 500 gigs the past 5 years under a different name and can satisfy a whole crowd of people with only our fingers and tongues


We played a Rebels motorbike clubhouse once - the strippers poured hotwax on our drummer. Another time we played to 5000 Catholic school kids at Acer Arena - we got through 3 songs and had the kids doing mexican waves before the Priest turned off the mics! Hahaha! Sex and RocknRoll are the work of the devil, you see


Hurts and Hearts

Written By: Ben Shallis - The $hots

When your whole worlds caving in
And there’s genocide in my museum
I can’t help wondering
Of all the things you do
And all your scheming…

The devil is running mad
But the rumours are untruthful read it
The cheaters come out to feed
But that’s just when
Its safest round them

This is when I need you most
To tell me don’t give up
Gotta tell you baby oh
I love you

When your pictures don’t get through
And your connections dead there’s only silence
I’m trying to reach you
All across the seas
And through the seasons

But mamma don’t cry for me
I’m longing for you all
For your thoughts and memories

This is when I need you most
To tell me don’t give up
Gotta tell you baby oh
I love you
Don’t give up
It’ll be alright


Debut E.P recorded by ARIA (Aust Record Industry Assoc) Award Winning Producer, mastered in New York City at Sterling Sound, Pro Video clip for single "Pink Handcuffs" received national TV airplay on RAGE and Channel U. Check out all five songs coz they are different

Set List

We have a 45 minute show ready to go, 12 songs, but we know truckloads of covers too which we can throw in if said venue wants to hear them. Our set list might be something like:
1. Pink Handcuffs
2. Bunny Girl
3. Risky Roger
4. Birthday
5. Blown Away
6. Aloha
7. The Goods Train
8. Hurts and Hearts
9. Cool as U
10. People Currency