Harrodsburg, Kentucky, USA

Instrumental rock guitarist. Solo act with back tracks or if touring will have 3 piece band. 20 years experience, GIT 1992. Finished 2nd CD "Alone on the sun", which has received many great reviews.


I was born and raised in poor eastern KY. Started guitar late at 17. Heard "Surfing with an alien" and it was all over. Have devoted much of my life to learning all there is to know about the guitar. After getting a BA in secondary art ed, I went to Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA in 1992. Have been teaching art, masters in nude figure drawing, for 18 years. I teach guitar at the Music Institute in Lexington, KY and finished my 2nd CD. Online columnist, online lessons, (,, monthly columnist for the Music Entertainment Magazine. I also act, write, produce, compose score/foley, weapons master for indie films. My influences are Satriani, Vai, Vaughn, Wylde, Gilbert, Petrucci and I haven't played any cover songs in 19 years, all original.

The 10 songs on here are from the new CD, "Alone on the sun". Here are some quick quotes:

“Shouse sounds like Joe Satriani on steroids...From beginning to end Alone on the Sun will not only keep you on the edge of you seat, but will melt your face off in the process”
- (US)

“From start to finish “Alone on the Sun” is one hell of a ride“
- Indie Music Digest (US)

“Alone on the sun is really hot!”
- Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal (Brazil)

“ Shouse has more guitar talent than 15 men combined.”
- Muzik Reviews ( Norway)

“Shouse is a new-age guitar hero who definitely deserves a listen.”
- All Access Magazine (US)

“ Alone on the sun rightfully deserves to sit alongside the works of the guitar gods of this world. 9 of 10”
- Muses muse (Canada)

"A mostly instrumental genre bender; shred guitar, metal, rock, and some blues all on one album! Michael Shouse pulls triple duty on guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals throughout Alone On The Sun. Shouse does an incredible job at taking shred guitar into new places...The only thing you'll find with Alone On The Sun is balls to the wall musicianship from Shouse and friends. Alone On The Sun gets a solid 4 out of 5. “
- Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine (US)

“In terms of technique, the instrumental performance seems pretty flawless. You've obviously surrounded yourself with some seriously talented musicians. The quality of the recording is also extremely professional. To be honest, there isn't anything about the track that doesn't seem impressive. Nice job!!” (US)

“If you are a real lover of shredding guitars you must absolutely try it.”
-Dutch Progressive Rock Page (UK)

“Bravo! Great album, a must have! **** (4 stars)
- Guitar Chef Magazine (Italy)

“Hard rock heavy metal, jazz, and even hints of bluegrass all help to help Michael Shouse to create a varied and entertaining new release. If rock guitarists make up a large part of your music collection (or even if they don’t), Alone On the Sun by Shouse is definitely worthy to be added into that collection.
5 stars out of 5. *****
- Review (US)

“ Fans of guitar shred and wide- ranging six-string fireworks will appreciate this player’s considerable talents.”
- Progression Magazine (US)

“ Alone on the sun showcases Shouse’s tremendous style.”
- Fireworks Magazine (UK)

"This is a first class effort from the music to the CD packaging. This enhanced CD even features a music video and tabs to play along with the title track "Alone on the Sun."Overall, this was the work of a true shredder. Shouse has the chops and isn't afraid to use them. This CD gets 4 1/2 stars."
-Charles Harrelson (Founder of EVOR)

"On the back cover he looks like he’s burning in the fires of the almighty, but the music just smokes with God-given fury."
-Robert Silverstein

"Shouse proves his guitar chops on Alone On The Sun, a surprisingly engaging album considering its focus on primarily instrumental rock tunes with guitar lead. Such releases often are highly self-indulgent and self-referential. Shouse avoids this trap, staying centrally focused while nurturing each arrangement to its fullest potential without losing the guitar focus. That's not to say that Shouse excels at every step, but even the less exciting moments are eminently listenable."


2001 "Enter the soul"
2002 had a song, "Man", on a compilation cd,"International anthems Vol.1"
2010 "Alone on the sun"
2011 "Gods of Indie Guitar 2011"

Set List

Right now would play 2-6 original instrumental songs.
Alone on the sun, Bionic, Choices, Shock and Awe, You can Fly, Arabian