Shout of Praise Ministry

Shout of Praise Ministry


My music is very inspiring to help us face the daily issues in our lives. I feel that we should have a song in our hearts to encourage ourselves. I feel my music will be uplifting that it will be empowering to all of God's people. Music is everything to me, music is my life!


I am newly refined vocal artist that sings gospel music in effort to inspire the multitude.


I have released my CD to various radio media throughout the United States.

Set List

"Things you done" 3.57
"Lord we worship" 3.36
"Brought me over" 4.01
"Praise Him" 2.44
"Release for increase" 3.15
"Day by Day" 6.04
"Thank you Lord" 3.54
"Prayer make a change" 7.05
"Serve You" 4.36
"With you Lord" 3.01
"My soul" 2.31
"Tell God" 5.10