Shout The Truth

Shout The Truth

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Hard, smooth, and encouraging. Good stage presence, we love what we do.


We formed this band in 2010. We are a rock/rap Christian band,all songs are written by the vocalist of the band, together with the rest of the band the music is put together.P.O.D. and Likin Park are Bands that have influenced us. We recently won battle of the bands in Albuquerque N.M. put on by Static Radio. We have shared the stage with Aaron Gillespie. This year 2013 we will be sharing the stage with We are Leo , George Moss, Curvine and Disciple.


We recorded an album title "City not Forsaken" in 2011
We are in the process to record a single at studio 150 in albuquerque N.M. City not foresaken would be the song that has airplay. We are currently working on a EP