Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA


Shovelhead started out in 2009. It started out as the brainchild "Closure". A project of Matt and Jody's. While singing for the band Identity 5, Jace met Matt and they discussed getting together and doing some writing. But of course it both of thier schedules never seemed match.

Luckily in February 2009 Jace was told, by his good friend Ryan Schloss, about a band that was looking for a singer, and since he wasn't with Identity 5 anymore, they wanted to know if he was interested in checking them out. With nothing on their roster of songs but a few originals, Closure (Matt and Jody) played and blew Jace's mind. These songs were well put together, well thought out and sounded nothing like anything else out there. There was nothing in the local scene that sounded like this. There was nothing being played on the radio that could even come close!

So the three of them got together and started writing lyrics and polishing up the songs. They knew it would be tough finding a bass player in the little podunk town they live in, but they gave it their best shot. But, there efforts were for not! So Jace offered to buy some gear and try playing the Bass along with his vocal duties. It seemed to work. To the confusion and delight of Jace, who always wanted to play Bass but never followed through, Matt and Jody liked his style and they decided that Jace would fill the Bass duties.

So on with the writing of original material they went. But Still something seemed missing. They knew that there was that killer rythm missing, that compliment to Matt's unique style. So the boys were out on a quest to find a second guitar player.

On a tip from one of the bands good friend, Jace was introduced to Jay McCanna, who at the time just moved back into town from Wisconsin, was a guitar player lookin to jam again. So at the request of Jace he came in, jammed with them and fit right in!

The lineup was complete! But the name Closure didn't really fit the style of music they were creating. So they started the seemingly endless task of trying to find a new name. After a long exhausting quest to find the name that fit this group, Ryan again came to the rescue. He suggested Shovelhead!

That was it, Shovelhead was born. They put in alot of practice time, learning new songs and writing original material.

In the short time they have been together, they have built a loyal fanbase and that fanbase continues to grow with every perfomance they put on. They are on a quest to take over the local music scene and beyond. So, get on board, enjoy the ride and LET THE GAMES BEGIN!