Shovelhook is an aggressive hard rock band from Philadelphia. The band's self-released album "Blood Royal", mixed by Grammy Award winner Phil Nicolo, has sold over 2700 copies. Shovelhook has opened for Velvet Revolver, Evanescence, Fuel, Chevelle, Buck Cherry, & Fly Leaf to name a few.


Shovelhook is an aggressive hard rock band native to Philadelphia that contains 3 blood brothers. The band is currently playing throughout the Northeast in support of their self-released album "Blood Royal" which was mixed by Grammy Award winner Phil Nicolo and has sold over 2700 copies. With a brutally physical live show and songs to back it up, Shovelhook is building a cult following wherever they perform.

Shovelhook has recently opened for Velvet Revolver, Evanescence, Fuel, Chevelle, Buck Cherry, Fly Leaf to name a few.

Their single "So Sorry" has recieved regular airplay on Philadelphia's premier rock station 93.3 WMMR.

- Chris Holt: Vocals/Guitar -
Chris played guitar and sang for Liquid Gang, signed to Lava/Atlantic Records, who's international release titled "Sunshine" sold 11,000 copies. Chris has toured with many major acts including Stone Temple Pilots, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Stained and Sevendust.

- Rob Holt: Drums & Frank Holt: Bass -
Made up the punishing rhythm section of the band WNOC who opened for U2 at Hershey stadium to kick off the Zoo TV tour. Jazz legend Grover Washington Jr. played on their self-released album that sold over 1,500 copies. Rob and Frank have performed with Big Audio Dynamite, Sugar Hill Gang, Gold Finger and Schoolly D.

- Jonny Five: Turntables -
Producer of Shovelhook’s album "Blood Royal". Studio and live musician Jonny can hold his own on the drums, piano, guitar and bagpipes to name a few. As a musician, Jonny has a unique style and approach to the turntables that sets him apart from the typical DJ.

- Mike Orlando: Guitar -
Mike learned guitar at an early age and played with various bands until, after spending a year as guitar technician for Shovelhook, he auditioned for the ensemble. His notable ability as a musician and songwriter, as well as his riveting stage presence, made him the definitive choice for the position.

Shovelhook was selected as one of the bands for the Matt Hardy Show ( which boasts more than half a million viewers each week. This New Jersey-based online reality show is targeted towards WWE fans waiting for Matt’s triumphant return to wrestling.

Shovelhook’s song, "Breathe" was chosen to be the theme song for the television show, Blaine’s Low Carb Kitchen, which currently airs prime time on the Discovery network’s Fit T.V. The show reaches 35.5 million households nationwide.


Blood Royal - 2005

Set List

Set time is one hour and contains all original music.