Showdown With A Grizzly

Showdown With A Grizzly

 Newmarket, Ontario, CAN

We are SHOWDOWN WITH A GRIZZLY,a fairly new southern/hardcore band formed in 2009. After a few member changes, we are finally in our groove and don't plan on slowing down. We are constantly playing shows and writing new tunes. We are just doing what we love to do and havin' fun!


SHOWDOWN WITH A GRIZZLY consists of Tay(drums), Milan(guitar), Sunil(guitar/vocals) and Jordan(vocals). We started playing as a full band in late 2009, when our style was starting to become what it is today. We started off writing very heavy, un-structured songs. Today, we focus on writing heavy, southern influenced songs that have structure and catchy hooks. We are heading to the studio over the next couple weeks to finally record our newer songs. We would like to play as many shows as we possibly can so we can share our music with everyone.


The Good Kind Of Dirty(6 song EP-currently being recorded)

Set List

1. Crystal Empire
2. Blood Lust
3. Ghost Ride The Ship
4. I Intend To Live Forever, And So Far So Good
5. My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma
6. Down And Dirty
7. Dead West