The Band is SHOWTIME! It's a high energy band playing blues & R&B. We take it to a different level. soulful vocals and strong horns, with a tight rhythm section.


Over the years I have played with many of the hot blues & R&B artists around the country. Each artist had something special or unique about their music or performance. So I've learned to be creative, have patience, confidence in myself. Influences: Chilites, James Brown, Al Green, BB King, Albert King, Johnnie Taylor, Frankie Lee, Marva Whitney, Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole. I prepared myself by learning how to write lyrics, arrange music and charts for each instrument, and mentor up & coming young and older musicians that are just starting to learn stage presence; Brody Buster, Eugene Smiley Jr. are just a couple of recent young talents.
2) When selecting band members I realize that it's vital to have a group of artists that can work well together - prima donnas make it rough. Over the years I've been able to keep the cats that I enjoy playing with and weed out the discordance.
3) A good musician is responsible for looking the part, acting the part, and playing the part. Stage Presence is a MUST! We need to be in sync musically & stepping in time with each other.
4) we have that BIG sound. That sound is like bread & butter - a sandwich. It keeps the dance floor full, makes you want to shake your booty and then we change the feel by playing a little belly rubbing music for those lovers in the crowd. Get everyone out there on the dance floor for a group party or a private party.
5) Most of all, we want to make sure everbody just has a great time and want to come here us again and again because they know it's gonna be a party.


Voodoo Woman

Written By: Eugene Smiley Sr.

I got a voodoo woman, this i know.
She been following me around everywhere I go. I found a black cat bone down by my feet. Ever sinse then, somethings been wrong with me.
I believe that voodoo woman whipped her spell on me. Every time I look around, her face is all I see.
I went to the witch doctor, to hear what he had tio say. I told him bout the voodoo woman, she just want go away. Now i believe shes got me under her spell, cause when i try to find me a lover, she can always tell.
Now here's what you got to do.
On sunday morning, go to sunday
school, and ask the teacher about the golden rule. when monday comes and you feeling hurt, just git on up and go on to work. Tuesday morning, if you feel the same, just git on up and do the same thing.
Wednesday evening and you still a mess, the worse is over you can do the rest. Now thursday night and you're feeling alright, somethings changed, you finely see the light.
When Friday comes,and the sun is high in the sky, you'll be alright by the time egale fly. Saturday night, time will tell if that voodoo woman done lost her spell. by Sunday morning should be the end. and if that don't work, start all over again.
Course: Vamp:

The Dream

Written By: Eugene smiley Sr.

1.) Once, once I had a dream such a lovely dream, tell me darling, what does it mean? In this dream, troubles fell upon us baby, My whole world came crashing down on me.
1st Course:
Angeles came calling, the good Lord took you away. Leaving me lonely, so lonely, with nothing to say.
2) How, How can I stop this from happening baby? Tell me darlingwhat does it mean? Why, why do I fear this dream baby? Tell me darling, what does it mean?
2nd Course:
It's gonna be over, all over baby,
tell me darling, what does it mean?
Music :
I'm, I'm so afraid to close my eyes baby. Tell me darling, what does it mean? I, I can't bare to loose you baby. Tell me darling, what does it mean?
2nd Course:
I, I saw two shadows on the wall.Tell me darling, What does it mean? Oh baby, oh baby, one shadow had to fall, Can you tell me what does it mean? Now the only woman that I ever loved slipped right on away. Tell me darling, what does it mean?

Time to git out of here

Written By: Eugene smiley Sr.

You been partying all night long, having so much fun. Now it's time for us to git up, it's half pass one. Time is oh so near, you got time for one more beer. It's to go, it's time to git out of here. Party hardy people all night long. hear what I say in my song.
Time to git up, time to git out of hear.Time to git up, time to git out of here.
All you fellows standing around the wall. You been partyin g all night long having a ball. If you don't have a date, Why did you have to wait. Thats all, it just might be to late. I gotta feeling that lies ahead is so much better. If you want to go with me lets git togather.
Pretty little girl in the corner standing over there. I don't want to say it but it's time to git out of here. This aint where it ends, if you want to be my friend, come back tomorrow night and we can do it again. Girl you look so sweet, you kknock me off my feet, the way you move your body when you boggie -woogie to the beat.
Vamp on Course:


As the Visitors in the 60's - Until You Came Along & I'm In Danger, made the nations top 10, We were lovers day & nite - The Essence Of Love - hot on the charts in the 70's. CD Released in early 90's Straight from the Soul. This new CD Legends is getting some great airplay - Voodoo Woman and Time to Get out of Here are hot!

Set List

Set List - we have a motown medly - 15 min. of Old School & R&B. The way you do the things you do. My Girl, Ain't to proud to Beg, Just my Imagination. Then a medley of 15 min of Blues, R&B & Old School - Breakin' up somebody's Home, Part of Al Green's Vamp: Love & Happiness, Everyday People, Dance to the Music, You can leave your hat on, Proud Mary. Long Train, What's Goin' on, Distant Lover, Let's Stay together, Mustang Sally, Shaky Ground, Brick House, Dock of the Bay, Midnight Hour Blues, The Blues is All Right, Down Home Blues, Stormy Monday, Rainbow, Born under a Bad Sign, So Long, the Sky is Crying, Further on up the Road, the Thrill is Gone, Love of Mine, Baby, can I change your mind?, Turn Back the Hand of Time, Love Light, Hoochie Coochie Man. Next Set off my CD - This time I've got the Blues, then Get out of my Life, Woke up this morning, Stone Cold, slipping & sliding, In the name of Love, Destiny, Knock,knock knock on wood, I've got Everything I need, Funky Broadway, H