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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Emcee ShowYouSuck keeps throwing pizza parties for himself, and more and more people keep showing up. Emcee ShowYouSuck keeps throwing pizza parties for himself, and more and more people keep showing up. In December, Show dropped his "dark and edgy" mixtape One Man Pizza Part III: Rest In Pizza, the release of which he celebrated just a couple of weeks ago.

Now, he's got a new video for Rest In Pizza track "The Return of Headbanger's Ball," and it's an unlikely, but excellent, tribute to the late MTV show. Name checking Primus, shouting out late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, and doing creative sampling of Ozzy Osbourne, Show raps over a spooky, repeating keyboard line and mile-a-minute snare hits. C'mon, everybody: scream "Dimebag's back!"

This Thursday, Show is part of an absolutely insane quadruple bill at the Bottom Lounge, sponsored by Red Bull and Fake Shore Drive, which includes Freddie Gibbs, Sasha Go Hard (who just released a new mixtape yesterday called Round 3), and Tree, who the Chicago Reader calls "thoughtful and impassioned." The cost? $3. Pretty excellent, no? -

New visuals by one of my favorite rappers right now ShowYouSuck! This is his video for “Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Homies Help Homies)” which was apparently inspired by an episode of Adventure Time. Now, I haven’t watched a lot of Adventure Time, but what I’ve seen of it I thought was awesome. The fact that a character on the show said “homies help homies” at one point is amazing. It’s a good message for the kids.

It’s a good message for adults, too. This video’s theme is definitely friendship. It shows a ton of his friends hanging out, having a good time. It’s no secret ShowYouSuck has as much love for Mishka as we do for him and he’s rocking a pretty awesome Mishka jacket at one point. Oh, and speaking of homies helping homies, this song features ShowYouSuck’s good friend Auggie The 9th who spits a dope verse. Don’t sleep on Auggie The 9th. He’s really good. His flow is nuts on this. And, he has a very cool beard. - Mishka NYC

Inspired by Adult Swim’s Adventure Time, the Treated Crew emcee drops off the latest visuals from his OMPP2: Mo Slices Mo Problems mixtape.

The song means a lot because it speaks to my core principles and it’s the livest song to perform in my set. I’m really stoked to get more people to know about that song. I want to get to the point where I’m performing it, especially out of Chicago, and I don’t have to do the setup for people. The song comes on and they already know what to do. - 2Dope

With Chief Keef making a bang on the Internet—pun intended—and Kanye West reminding listeners where he's from on "Way Too Cold" and his remix of Keef's "I Don't Like," a lot of eyes are on Chicago right now to see what it can bring next. Amongst the buzzed-about on the hip-hop scene is the Treated crew, whose members don snapback caps that you may have seen on the head of 'Ye himself. One of the collective's affiliates, ShowYouSuck, is an MC who has been making noise throughout the Chi with the release of his most recent project OMPP2: Mo Slices Mo Problems this past December. To keep word of the tape spreading, ShowYouSuck has brought forth a music video for one of his favorite songs off of it, "Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HomiesHelpHomies)." Apparently, the title stemmed from an episode of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time and ended up becoming something of a personal anthem. Watch above as ShowYouSuck links up with his friend and hypeman Auggie The 9th to show the world how they do it in the Windy City. - Matt Morris -HypeTrack

( Lenny Gilmore/RedEye )Chicago rapper ShowYouSuck in Austin, Texas for SXSW 2012 on March 13, 2012. Half-rapper/half-one man Pizza Party, ShowYouSuck blends honest lyrics with a rambunctious live show.,0,,0, - Chicago Redeye

Is Show You Suck the hardest working man in the Chicago rap community? The artist seems to be at every Chicago hip hop event, both in and out of the city, either as a performer, or an event MC.

While at SXSW earlier this month, the Chicago MC returned to the CVU podcast to discuss his time in Austin. That interview can be heard below.
Speaking of MTV, the network’s online portal recently premiered the new Show cut “Rest in Pizza,” which will appear on the forthcoming final installment of the One Man Pizza Party release series. Find that at the highlighted link, and check out Show’s new treatment for the track “All Based Everything,” produced by Fly Kite Media, followed the artist’s appearance in the new City Of Win lookbook promo.

- Jaime Black of ChicagoVerseUniteD Podcast

J.R Bang interviews ShowYouSuck BONUS Video included: - J.R Bang

Last week Clinton Sandifer, aka tongue-in-cheek Chicago rapper ShowYouSuck, released a 16-track mix tape called One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices, Mo Problems, which includes collaborations with Grade A-plus, Flosstradamus, and Netherfriends. It's the follow-up to One Man Pizza Party, which dropped on April 20—not only a date beloved of weed aficionados but also Sandifer's 26th birthday (or so he says). He plans to close out the series with a remix collection titled Rest in Pizza.

The title of the mix reflects Sandifer's ebullient style as well as his sense of humor, and even its backstory is funny. At Wicker Park nightclub Debonair he ran into a woman he'd apparently forgotten he'd met. To jog his memory, she described a phone conversation she'd had with him and the amazing pickup line he'd used in it: "You told me you were a one-man pizza party."

Who knows if Sandifer actually said that, but either way he loved the idea. "There's nothing that speaks to youth and energy like pizza and partying," he says. One Man Pizza Party has gotten nods from outlets like trendy label-slash-clothing company Mishka and Chicago-based hip-hop site Ruby Hornet, which is also hosting One Man Pizza Party 2. And the new mix won't exist only on the Internet: Sandifer will give away CD copies of OMPP 2 at his release show at Reggie's Rock Club on Fri 1/13.
- The Chicago Reader by: Leor Galil

The homie ShowYouSuck decided to treat you guys today to the "OneManPizzaParty"EP brought to you by RH x Code of Conduct x Artpentry. OMPP does not disappoint and contains such internet hits as "All Chill Everything". "Kill Switch", and "Clam Chowder". So stop snoozing on Show and hit that DL link below and make sure to catch him at Dance Mass on April 24th (flyer below).

An EP by Show You Suck: OneManPizzaParty (Produced by Mike Jaxx)
Make sure you send birthday wishes to ShowYouSuck as today he celebrates an other year of awesomeness...SWAG - Virgil Solis

Show You Suck is back with more fire for your ears, as this time around he links with Floydthefourth for "Yesterday's Clothes". Fresh of a very successful video release for "All Chill Everything" and a dope Wicker Park Fest performace, Show Your So Awesome You Suck wants to give you the reiterate the true greatness of never looking back at yesterday's problems. - Sean CK- Ruby Hornet

Show You Suck just dropped his first video, visuals for his track “All Chill Everything” …. Ruby Hornet dudes put it together …. Check it out - DJ Mattboywhite- Jugrnaut Chicago

RYAN: Clinton tell me about yourself. Where you from.

CLINTON: Well I’m a mannered young man from the west suburbs of Illinois. An Art School graduate and a lover of all things skateboarding, punk, metal, anime and horror related. I work at an art gallery called ARTPENTRY and a tattoo shop called Code of Conduct. I also have close to 10 years of rapping under my belt. I got a chicago music award to prove it!

RYAN: You were just telling me about an interesting first date last night. Tell me about it.

CLINTON: Haha well pretty much I met this girl via facebook talked to her for a couple of weeks and invited her out to do some kareoke with some friends of mine. She showed up wasted and ended up biting my friend. Greatest date ever!

RYAN: What do you make? Raps?. Tell me about it. What inspires you in your music.

CLINTON: My music is pretty awesome. Its a combination of things that I’m into, experinces that I’ve gone through and random sayings that I find funny. I mostly find inspiration for songs in the middle of conversations with friends or while watching Beavis and Butthead. I basically make music I find funny or I right about crappy relationships because its supper easy for me Haha.

RYAN: Whats new this year what things can we expect.

CLINTON: This year is gonna be rad! My first LP”Coyote Del Coco” comes out on 4/20. Im performing at SXSW. Im getting a promotional push from some pretty rad companies. And I have a few other musical projects I’ll be working on throughout the year.

RYAN: Whats the latest tattoo you were just showing me. You got so many new ones tell me about some of em.

CLINTON: My newest piece is a zombie wolf on my shoulder. Its done by Jeff Paetzold at Code Of Conduct. I got Jim Phillips screaming hand on my forearm by Allie Sider and another favorite is the frog and flowers with a banner that reads “my moms garden is cool than your moms” done by Jason Hoodrich.

RYAN: Ok dude floor is yours you have the stage what do you want to say!

CLINTON: FOLLOW ME! @ShowYouSuck and on tumblr I post awesome stuff!

- Ryan Lange- Code of Conduct

So instead of asking for presents on his birthday Show You Suck decided to give one to all of you lucky fucks. He's giving out a free EP entitled "OneManPizzaParty" brought to you by Ruby Hornet, Code of Conduct , Artpentry and the wonderful slacker holiday 4/20. The EP was produced by his long time collaborater Mike Jaxx and includes tracks that have been recently leaked by Ruby Hornet and songs that were originally intended to be on his Coyote del Coco mixtape.

That mixtape was slated to be released yesterday but since this EP came out instead we can only assume that the project got shelved or pushed back. The new tracks are sick and if you're in Chicago this Sunday night you can hear them live when Show You Suck performs at Beauty Bar (located where Sonotheque used to be.) Download the EP - Tony Castro


Feburary 2009- Petagrams in Bathrooms EP
November 2010- All Chill Everything- Single
April 2011- One Man Pizza Party- Album
December 2011- One Man Pizza Party II Mo Slices, Mo Problems- Album
January 2012- "All Based Everything" -Single on radio & video
January 2012- "Original Chon Chon"- Single
March 2012- "Rest in Pizza"- Single MTVHive Song Premiere:
June 2012- "Loose Slices"- Mixtape
August 2012- "Girls Girls Girls"- Mixtape
December 2012- "One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest In Pizza" - Album



Chicago emcee ShowYouSuck, is putting his mark on the music world with his catchy hooks, slick rhymes and witty lyrics. ShowYouSuck is most known for igniting any stage with his energetic, mind-blowing performances.

2012 was not wasted by ShowYouSuck. After selling out several venues in his hometown of Chicago, appearances & performances on MTV Suckerfree as well as successfully completing Yelawolf’s national "Slumerican” Tour; ShowYouSuck found time to execute the release of three projects, including the MTVHive premiered album,"One Man Pizza Party 3- Rest In Pizza" this December.

ShowYouSuck continues to give you a real life perspective of his ups and downs with ladies and “cool guys” thru his witty, catchy lyrics on "One Man Pizza Party 3". Giving his fans a chronicle of his favorite things, ShowYouSuck references and touches on the best from the “One Man Pizza” Mixtapes displaying some serious lyrical aptitude while always keeping it hip.

ShowYouSuck performs with DJ Manny Muscles & Hype-man Auggie the 9th.

ShowYouSuck is supported by Complex, MTV2, 2Dopeboyz, Hypetrak, Ruby Hornet and Mishka . He has worked with DJ duo Flosstradamus, producers Mike Jaxx of The Hydrox and Cardo. ShowYouSuck expects to release "One Man Pizza Party 3: Rest In Pizza", December 2012, featuring Yelawolf, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Ritz and production credits from Mike Jaxx, Cardo, Chuck Inglish and more.