While resurrecting the West Coast metal scene and keeping it at their roots, ShrapNull is taking it to the next level, giving you melodic masterpieces that combine machine-gun guitar-riff technicality and gut-wrenching rhythm!


Forming only a few short years ago, ShrapNull have shown nothing but progression. Since original members Eric Bossert and Eric "Red" Anthony have crossed paths with Dustin Reddington(Freak Occurance), Ben Banuet(Demon Axe), and Mike Pochatko(Armistice Failed), they have found level ground. Now five individuals, with similar, as well as their own, creative influences converge to resurrect ShrapNull...

"It is that voice in the back of your head, the demon on your shoulder, the snake that hisses... WE ARE THE DISEASE, WE ARE THE VIRUS, AND WE ARE THE PLAGUE!!! The end is coming near my friends, ShrapNull will spread, and you will be the casualties..."


ShrapNull DEMO--2008
1.Knee Deep in Shit
2.Rendered Useless

Set List

-Set List-

-Knee Deep in Shit
-Rendered Useless
-Remnants of Suffering
-The Hunt

*Hourglass--Lamb of God
*Laid to Rest--Lamb of God