Shred Kelly

Shred Kelly

 Fernie, British Columbia, CAN

Shred Kelly is a high energy "Stoke Folk" band with incredible chemistry, musical drive, and stage presence. Traditional folk instruments mixed with a modern electric rock sound that builds with rampant energy, and infects the audience with an irresistible urge to get up and stomp their feet.


Since the inception of Shred Kelly, the Fernie BC based band have been re-defining what folk-rock means. Through their individual pan-Canadian backgrounds, Tim Newton, Sage McBride, Jordan Vlasschaert, Ian Page-Shiner, and Ty West have amplified the traditional sound of folk music with a more contemporary approach.  Pushing the boundaries of the genre, they have incorporated a wide range of influences to create a sound that is uniquely called ‘Stoke Folk.’ The band is best known for their dynamic, high-energy and engaging live show that leaves no dance floor vacant.

Shred Kelly has garnered themselves sold-out shows across Canada, performed at some of the Nation’s premier festivals, and received a growing list of awards and recognition. They recently won ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Live Act’ at 2015 Kootenay Music Awards and are nominated for a 2015 West Coast Music Award for ‘Best Music Video’ for their latest single ‘Sing to the Night.’

Shred Kelly released their 3rd album – ‘Sing To The Night’ – on January 27th 2015. The new material shows the growth and depth that the band has explored throughout the creative process, and once again demonstrates their signature claw-hammer banjo riffs, layered ambient synth, powerhouse rock, and sweet vocal harmonies. Their acclaimed producer John Critchley (Elliott Brood, Dan Mangan, Amelia Curran, The Once) from Green Door Studios was a master at creating an album that pushed their creativity and gave Shred Kelly a new take on their signature sound, which translates perfectly onto an album, or a packed dance floor.

Sing to the Night named “Top 15 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015″ – CBC Music

“Sing to the Night is a huge step forward for this young group.” – Exclaim Magazine

“Shred Kelly’s ‘Sing to the Night’ breaks from the pack and demonstrates a fresh, distinct sound. With great consistency, compelling tone, and overall fantastic music”- Aesthetic Magazine

“Free Press Folk Fest Faves – Favorite Big Blue @ Night Shows – Shred Kelly” – Winnipeg Free Press


Sing to the Night (2015) - Independent
1. Sing to the Night
2. Family oh Family
3. My Vessel, My Grave
4. Stuck Between
5. Going Sideways
6. Stereo
7. Paperweights
8. Person of Heart
9. Start Again
10. Move On
11. Eyes Are Open

In the Hills (2012) - Independent
1. New Black
2. Cabin Fever
3. The Bear
4. Time is Passing
5. Rowed Away
6. The Cold
7. Leaving Town
8. Fossils and Tin
9. White River
10. Jewel of the North

Goodbye July (2010) - Independent
1. Goodbye July
2. I Hate Work
3. Lessons Learned
4. Ghost Inside My Head
5. Disillusioned
6. A Song
7. Fish
8. Lucky Penny
9. Tornado Alley
10. Lost Mind
11. Echos of Pearson