Shred Da Verbal Tongue

Shred Da Verbal Tongue

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What is the definition of an ill emcee? Most answers will define that emcee as someone with endless content, a crazy flow; style, charisma and a voice to match. This question brings us to the answer, Shred Da Verbal Tongue. This Southern born emcee will amaze most from the first sound of his voice.


Born in Troy, North Carolina, Shred came from a humble background growing up surrounded by the harsh realities of sex, drugs, and violence that plagues so many underprivileged black communities. With ambitions to rise above his childhood environment, Shred chose to follow a path his mother once traveled finding an outlet through poetry and eventually turning those poems into lyrics. Determined to find success, Shred left Troy and found himself in Atlanta, GA where he attended college. Performing at open mic nights and dominating artist showcases convinced him that his dream could become a reality. It was through these rigorous stage performances that he came to be known as Shred Da Verbal Tongue. Using a fast, slick tongue flow and commanding the mic with ferocious world play and catchy phrases gained him instant notoriety and help launch him into the Atlanta underground.

Shred continues to expand his repertoire with appearances on radio and television. Performances at famed Atlanta hot spots such as Club 112, Apache' Cafe, The Royal Peacock, Sweet Auburn Fest, Cafe 290, The Atrium, and the Lyricist Lounge to name a few. His music has appeared in the independent film "Malibooty" starring Brian Hooks, Sticky Fingers and E40. His solo efforts includes two independent albums School Of Thought Vol. 1 and 2, several mixtapes including Best of Both States featuring the Dungeon Family's own Jawz of Life, and top prize at many emcee battles in the southeast region.

Finding influences in artists from Big Daddy Kane to Jay Z, Outkast to Kool G Rap, and NWA to Nas gained Shred the advantage of knowing the history of the music and the understanding of what it means to be an emcee and to control a crowd. Knowing that he is the first to put his home on the map gives him the ambition to use his gift to create something from nothing... a legacy built off skills, influenced by the past, directed by the present, to promise a strong future for this budding star. His focus is on his craft, his goal is to simply be heard and felt, his destination has already been written.


LPs: School Of Thought Vol 1; School Of Thought Vol 2

Mixtapes: Best Of Both States f/Dungeon Family 2nd Generation's Jawz Of Life(J.O.L); Carolina Pride

In Current Radio Rotation: Welcome 2 Da Woods; Kin Folks; Black Man; Gangsta

Set List

Sets are appoximately 20-25 minutes:

1. Gangsta
2. Aye Yo (featuring Dujuan Hammonds)
3. Freestyle/Exclusive Song (f/ Jawz Of Life)
4. Black Man
5. Kin Folks
6. Welcome 2 Da Woods (featuring Big Spank)