Shriiimp Live Showcase

Shriiimp Live Showcase

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You have seen live graffiti events before and you have seen body painted models, but you have never seen live graffiti ON models like this. is the world's ONLY website dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to graffiti art on models. . SHRIIIMP live blends urban culture and art into a live showcase.


What started as a small fun website grew into over one million unique visitors a month, is the most visited graffiti sites in the world and our live event presents a unique opportunity to associate your night club or venue with this rapidly growing and influential cultural movement. This will give you a chance to draw a unique patron into your establishment. Graffiti transcends the computer C.E.O and the rock band front man. It’s hip hop and beautiful women mixed the most admired stars of the trade. It’s the Beastie Boys and Playboy magazine. The live showcase has toured for the last 6 months with 3 sold out coast to coast shows.


We have done shows in Boston, Hartford, Los Angeles, New York City, and now we are doing the first of our tour in Boston.

We have covers in Boink Magazine, and Hustler for 08

Set List

We showcase with a live Dj, and the girls showcase the art burlesque style. Think of it as the urban suicide girls.