Shrimpdaddy & The Sharpshooters
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Shrimpdaddy & The Sharpshooters


Band Blues Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"[canadianblues-L] Shrimp...tasty"

Had an opportunity last night to catch Shrimp
daddy and the Sharpshooters wa-a-a-a-y out here in
the lonesome `shaw where culture and Walmart are
often intermingled. was on a hot tip provided by rick
George that we take time out to catch this guy
and I`m glad we [my wife precious, old black dave
and jo ] went..
Shrimp , or mr. Shrimp as i like to call him was
in extra fine blowin` form..this guy tho`
relatively new to me has obviously practiced and
honed his harp-a-bility for quite some time..He
has a the unique style of being able to duplicate
the lonesome wail of a sonny Boy williamson and
then echo back with the raucous excitement of a
little walter instrumental...
Man, has been some time since I`ve heard
someone around here play like that and it sure
felt and sounded good.
Shrimp`s version of Help Me was a show stopper.
My good buddy, ol` Black hollered out for some
slim Harpo and we were treated to a fine
impromptu version of Scratch My back...thanks
for that shrimp..I loves slim Harpo..all in all
the guys did a fine job, playing a dinner hour
matinee 6/9 which of course means the evening
crowd hadn`t yet filled in the joint but they
responded like pros and played their hearts out to
the fans who were there..They deserve their own
evening engagement but that i guess is up to the
ownerof Chicagos and I am not about to get into
the politics of that other than to say he[ owner]
has some very ineffectual policies goin` on
Anyhow..the vote was unanimous, Jo.,Precious, Ol
Black and sluggo give Shrimp/band a definite
mojo hands up...
thanks for a swell evenin`...

- Sluggo

"'Live At The Roxbury'"

Shrimp Daddy & The Sharpshooters are a high-energy blues band, that have just come out with an equally live CD, titled 'Live At The Roxbury'. This great band features front man Mike 'Shrimp Daddy' Reid on harp and lead vocals. Dave Watson plays some mighty fine blues guitar leads, while 'Downtown' Albert Brown's bass lines fit right in with Bobby Hill's energetic talent on the skins. (Hill's been playing 'de bluz' for four decades, and it shows in his amazing technique on the skins on 'Roxbury'). John Templeton's recording and mastering of 'Roxbury', allows these tunes to retain their original energetic feel -- an engineering feat that's highly commendable!

The first tune on this 25-minute/four song live CD tells the whole story in a nutshell. This is definitely a party CD all the way - containing all the main ingredients that guarantee fun times whenever it's played. Shrimp Daddy's upbeat, emotional harp attack is complemented by his infectious vocals and added to by the wild energy of his talented rhythm section.

The instrumental first track is a sure-fire winner that should send blues die-hards into a higher bluesy realm! Shrimp Daddy's hearty laugh at the end of this song, indicates the fun he and his band had recording this live CD, and reflects the great live energy they give off at all their gigs.

This upbeat instrumental is followed by an aggressive and catchy "Born In Chicago", reminiscent of the great Paul Butterfield's early days and is dedicated to Butterfield by Shrimp Daddy in the intro. The rapid-fire bass lines are added to by Watson's scorching leads and guitar rhythms coupled with drumming urgency that really feels the blues. This song won't let up, and it's a good thing, because we all need this special emotional boost that's sure to please! Watson's guitar leads go all over the neck, in a desire to rev up the musical proceedings to the nth degree! Shrimp Daddy's harp soloing is equally as intense, and is backed by eager bass lines and drumming.

Just so the listener can enjoy a little bluesy 'breather', things slow down with the classic "Five Long Years". Watson's relaxed lead guitar intro, is followed by Shrimp Daddy's gentle-rolling harp riffs -- added to by insightful bass and drums. His heartfelt vocals bring out the true meaning in the lyrics, as if he's living them while he's singing them. (That takes real talent!) Watson's guitar solo part way through is incredible, as is Reid's on harp!

Shrimp Daddy's vocals on this one, are uncannily at times sounding much like B.B. King's in intonation … a surprising characteristic which caught this writer's ear and caused me to perk up right way! That's saying something for the quality of Reid's interpretation.

"Mojo", is the spirited encore to this amazing, recorded-live Shrimp Daddy show. It's definitely a wild, bluesy excursion into the blues of yesteryear that's still alive today! This fine rendition brings to mind images of Muddy Waters taking the audience to blues heaven at Newport in 1960 with "Mojo". Unlike Muddy however, Shrimp Daddy can really lay down the harp riffs too on this one -- backed by Watson's unrelenting guitar leads, along with Bobby Hill's hard-driving talent on the skins and Albert Brown's inspired bass lines. As in the 'B.B.' similarity in vocals on "Five Long Years", Reid's vocals on "Mojo" at times echo uncannily a Muddy vibe to them, which reflects Muddy's inspiration on this one that Shrimp Daddy surely must have taken to heart!

This incredibly enjoyable Shrimp Daddy & The Sharpshooters 4-song, 'Live At The Roxbury' CD, ends like it started .. with a bang that's sure to get plenty of bluesy repeats on the player.

- By Joe Curtis-


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Michael "Shrimpdaddy" Reid
With a pseudonym like “Shrimp Daddy” one conjures images of the fishing fleet of Louisiana’s’ “Bayou Delcambre,” Cajun accents, Zydeco music, washboards, accordions & fiddles. Not to be! …. His deep gravelly vocals, accompanied by the mesmerizing sound of his harmonica, supported by his hard playing band “The Sharpshooters” whisks you to the juke joints of Mississippi as well as the hard edge blues clubs of Chicago. The music of the “Walters”, Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf & Muddy Waters augmented with the unforgettable sound of Butterfield is his forte!
Transplanted from “La Belle Province” this native Montrealer now makes Toronto his home. It was there he was introduced to & captivated by the sultry sound produced by the blues harmonica. Wasting little time he secured as many tapes & cds containing “blues harp” and the masters as he could, haunted the local clubs & hounded the established players for advice & harmonica lessons which they graciously provided. Practicing diligently his hard work shows and he’s now a welcome addition on stage by the very artists he once stood in awe of.
Michael “Shrimp Daddy” Reid is a must hear! Ask about him at your local Blues venue