Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Shryne infuses pop rock with the sensibilities that made classic rock classic while driving the genre forward with modern grooves and melodies that have audiences rocking long after the band leaves the stage. Shryne isn't simply great music, Shryne is a musical experience best served live and loud.



Forging a path in the East Coast U.S. rock scene and beyond,
Shryne drives pop rock to new heights with their energetic recorded sound and infectious live shows. The award winning quintet has just completed work on their newest release, "Here and Now"

The new record features 11 original genre-breaking compositions with lush vocal harmonies and intriguing pop arrangement.


- Confirmed performers at the 2010 RI PRIDEFEST!

- Confirmed performers at the AS220's 25th Anniversary Foo Fest ( featuring Warpaint [Rough Trade Records] )

- SHRYNE received Motif Magazine's Music Award for BREAK-THRU BAND OF THE YEAR for 2010!

- Nominated for Motif Magazine's Music Award for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for 2010.

- SHRYNE received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for BAND OF THE YEAR for 2009!

- Jon Brennan received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for "MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR" for 2009!

- Alex Tirrell is now proudly endorsed by his keyboard manufacturer, Kurzweil Music Systems.

- SHRYNE played to a near packed house at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe at Resin's CD Release Party on May 30th, 2009.

- SHRYNE played to an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 at Boston's Paradise Rock Club on May 23rd, 2009.

- SHRYNE was nominated for Motif Magazine's Music Award for LIVE ACT OF THE YEAR (ROCK) for 2009.

- SHRYNE received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for BEST LIVE ACT (INDIE) for 2008.

- Anthony Mattera was nominated for the Limelight Magazine Music Award for GUITARIST OF THE YEAR in 2008.

- Featured in Limelight Magazine's summer 2008 issue.

- Opened for national artists and stars of IFC's "Z-Rock", ZO2 (Riker Hill Records)

- Shared the stage with Stealing Jane (BTO Records)

- Won the grand prize at a Providence Battle of the Bands


In 2001, his junior year at East Providence High School, Jon Brennan gave serious thought of starting a rock band. One of his friends, Nick O'Neill, was also interested in the idea. O'Neill, a singer/guitarist, who was also a 'songwriting machine' according to Brennan, brought along his friend, Damian Knight, a bass player. At school, Brennan met Andrew Sharp, a rhythm guitarist and his friend, Jeff Cruz, a drummer. The five of them got together and found that the mesh worked, it clicked immediately.

They called themselves Shryne and began to play in public at local hot spots such as The Living Room and The Station, and in 2002 they put together a collection of their songs on a CD called 'day has turned to evening.'

Everything was going well for the band until a very tragic day in February, 2003. Nick O'Neill, the lead singer, only 18 at the time, lost his life in The Station Nightclub fire.

It would take some time for the remaining members to deal with the loss of their friend and to decide the future of the group. There were certainly some mixed feelings, but as Brennan said, "We wanted to continue for ourselves and as a tribute to Nick." In June of 2004, the band members felt it was time to get together again and make some music. But they needed to make a few changes first. Brennan took over as lead singer in addition to being lead guitarist.

Keyboardist/Vocalist Alex Tirrell joined the group shortly thereafter. Shryne, as Brennan puts it, "is in a new phase, going in a new direction." When asked to categorize their music, Brennan said, "We take elements of a lot of different styles, past and present, and put it all together. Pop rock is an apt description."

In the fall of 2006, bassist Damian Knight left the group to pursue other musical projects. Andrew Sharp had taken over as bass player. In February of 2007, Anthony Mattera came on board as their new lead guitarist, leaving Brennan free to be an energetic front man, without a bulky guitar in his way.

Mattera�s energy influenced the group to become a serious endeavor. The band has since transformed into a professional quality band in sound and image, landing high profile gigs and has completed work on their new release, �Here and Now�, released February 27th, 2010.


Commercial Radio Airplay:
"Discord" (95.5FM; WBRU)
"When The Lights Go Down" (94.1 FM; WHJY, Clear Channel 231)

Here and Now (2/27/2010)
day has turned to evening (2002, TSP Sound)

Set List

- Shryne has played up to 4 full hour sets, with their usual sets lasting 45 minutes.

'Here and Now' Era -

1. When The Lights Go Down
2. Discord
3. The Here and The Now
4. Deep Inside
5. Burn Away The Light
6. Heart of Porcelain
7. Empty White Page
8. Thrill of a Ride
9. Vanity Affair
10. Wasted Days
11. One More Song
12. Let Me Go On
13. Shallow Heart Summer

'day has turned to evening' Era -
1. Go 2 Me
2. Sorry
3. Dirty
4. On Through The Night
5. All You Need
6. Fight
7. Crack a Smile
8. Everything Else
9. Can�t Find The Way

- The band's eclectic cover choices change from show to show. The most notable are the band's versions of Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son", Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like An Eagle", and an interesting take on R&B star Rihanna's "Umbrella."

1. Carry On Wayward Son (Kansas)
2. Runaway (Del Shannon)
3. Shimmer (Fuel)
4. You Are The One (Shiny Toy Guns)
5. One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
6. Psycho Killer (The Talking Heads)