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Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
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"Bodog Battle Review"

"Separating themselves from the carbon copies, pop rock group Shryne was up next and frontman Jon Brennan stormed the stage with heavy vocals as well as some skillful guitar work."
-Bodog Battle Review, October 16, 2007

"Pop-rock band with a mix of heavy and catchy melodies, Shryne creates a unique sound. Think Weezer meets Steely Dan meets Nirvana. Yeah, that's the sound!"
-Bodog Battle Review, November 27, 2007 - Bodog Music

"Shryne Getting Serious With It's Music"

When Shryne made its first CD, the members of the band were teenagers and they produced the album in about two days. But members of the Providence, R.I., based modern rock band say they have gotten much more serious about their music during the past year and that should be reflected on the new CD they are working on, called "Here and Now."

"We're really putting in the time and the money to show who we are now and what we can do," lead singer Jon Brennan said of the effort that Shryne is putting into the CD.

Shryne consists of Brennan, drummer Jeff Cruz, keyboardist Alex Tirrell, bassist Andrew Sharp and lead guitarist Anthony Mattera.

Brennan said Shryne's new album is very diverse with pop, punk songs and '80s arena rock type songs. He compares the music on the album to Panic at the Disco and says there are a couple piano ballads [sic] on the album that are like Elton John and Pink Floyd together with a little Beatles mixed in.

"We pretty much think that everyone who listens to this album is going to like something on it," Brennan said.

The album has been worked on at Newcastle Sound in Barrington, R.I., and is due to come out this summer. The band recorded its first album, called "Day Has Turned To Evening," at that same studio.

Shryne plays mostly original music with some cover tunes thrown in.

"I describe it as late '90s style pop rock with enough of today's sensibility to be very listenable to the modern ear," Brennan said.

Back in 2000, Brennan wanted to start a band and had two groups of friends who were interested. Cruz, Sharp and Nick O'Neill became part of the lineup with Brennan at that time. Brennan said those musicians clicked immediately.

But in February of 2003, Brennan was going with O'Neill to a Great White concert at The Station nightclub. O'Neill was one of the 100 people who did not make it out of The Station that night when the nightclub caught fire. Brennan wrote a song called "The Here and The Now" about what he was going to do after The Station fire tragedy.

"The refrain of the song is speaking pretty much to Nick, asking me [sic] how to be at this point and what to do now that he is not here anymore," Brennan said.

Brennan said the band took a year and a half off to try to get things back together again after O'Neill died. A year and a half later, Tirrell came into Shryne. The band went on for two years with that lineup. Sharp was the rhythm guitarist and Brennan was the lead guitarist. A little over a year ago, Mattera was brought on board and this group of musicians for Shryne seems to be working together very well.

"We've had like the best chemistry we've ever had, basically," Brennan said.

Cruz said the band has musical diversity. Brennan likes Keltic rock, Mattera likes a lot of independent music, Cruz likes bands with different time signatures, like Dream Theater, Sharp goes for Cat Stevens and James Taylor and Tirrell is into Fleetwood Mac.

"We all kind of pull in together a different collection of influences," Tirrell said. "It's pretty interesting."

Shryne has been playing shows around southeastern Massachusetts and Providence, R.I.

Cruz, who works in retail service, said a huge load is taken off his chest when he comes to practice with Shryne. He has been a percussionist for 17 years, since he was eight years old.

"This is what I want to make into my career," Cruz said. "If music is involved, I'm there."

The name of the band came from Cruz's cousin. Shryne used to be called Forgotten Bliss which later became one of Shryne's songs.

The members of the band have some diverse interests and backgrounds. Sharp plays fife and drum music. Tirrell is classically trained in piano and voice. Brennan has performed in the theater. Mattera, who is the newest and youngest member of the band, just writes songs all day.

"When he came to the band, it kind of gave us the spark we had years ago with the band," Brennan said of Mattera. "It felt really good."

- George Austin
LimeLight Magazine - Limelight Magazine

"Living in the Now: Shryne’s ‘honest but polished pop rock'"

There’s no denying the ongoing presence of what we’ll call melodic pop acts here in Rhode Island, bands comprised of guys in their mid-20s with a serious knack for penning sugary-sweet hooks and harmonies. From veteran Johnny Lingo to acclaimed newcomers Fairhaven, piano-driven pop-rock is on the radar. Here and Now marks the official return of Shryne as well as defining words to live by. The new disc is the long-awaited follow-up to their 2002 debut, Day Has Turned to Evening (both albums available at and iTunes), which featured original lead vocalist Nicholas O’Neill (aka Nicky O), who died the following year in the Station nightclub fire. Their bond as friends and bandmates is fortified and, as the album title declares, the quintet is forwardly-focused, as lead guitarist Anthony Mattera noted.

“Our past obviously is a delicate issue and something which we’re definitely not trying to publicize,” Mattera told me earlier this week while talking up Shryne’s two upcoming shows, including a Saturday afternoon set at McCoy Stadium as part of a family-friendly event benefiting the Rhode Island Community Food Bank — bring one canned good per person and admission is free.

Shryne co-founder Jon Brennan assumed singing duties when the band reconvened in 2004 with original members Alex Tirrell (keys), Andrew Sharp (bass), and Jeff Cruz (drums). They started recording shortly after Mattera joined the foursome in late 2007.

“I wouldn’t say we sit down and make a conscious effort to write pop-rock songs,” Mattera pointed out. “Our main focus is writing songs that we would want to listen to ourselves and not get tired of playing over and over again.

“Our ultimate goal was to create an honest but polished record.”

Shryne was not chosen among the finalists for this year’s WBRU Rock Hunt; like-minded act the Wandas took the crown, while piano-pop quartet Fairhaven took the ’09 crown. But WBRU as well as WHJY are spinning the leadoff single “Discord,” and I would think the album opener, “When the Lights Go Down,” or “Empty White Page” would follow, as Shryne seem to be at their best when ramping up the tempo. I’m still trying to pinpoint which Fleetwood Mac song I hear on the hook in “Burn Away the Light,” and the opening riff on “The Here and the Now” reminds me of Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend.” The keys that open “Vanity Affair” recall Bon Jovi’s “Runaway,” while “Deep Inside” is a slow-jam highlight.

Mattera reports that the band is working on a full East Coast tour later this year. Having tweaked and road-tested Here and Now cuts over the past two years, Mattera said the band may pull out some new, post-Now tracks at upcoming shows.

“There are rare occasions where we’ll throw in a song from the first album,” he said, “but we’re very focused on living in the here and now these days.” - The Providence Phoenix

"WXIN Rock Hunt en fuego @ Firehouse 13"

"Shryne played a charismatic, note-for-note perfect set in the vein of the Barenaked Ladies meets Journey with a tinge of funk sprinkled on top. Nuggets like "When The Lights Go Down" from their new record Here and Now, were top notch as far as mainstream alternative rock."

- Marc Clarkin - Motif Magazine; May 2010

"CD Reviews :: Infectious Magazine"

There’s a very nostalgic feel to Shryne’s latest album, Here and Now. While listening, I’m brought back to memories of summertime- gossip, young love, and freedom all just within arms reach. There’s a definite light, hopeful tone to the album. That being said, there’s a lot of substance within it.

The opening track, When the Lights Go Down, sets the tone for a CD filled with climatic chorus’, steady guitar riffs and even a little keyboard action-something I’m immediately fond of. This melody follows through most of the album, with less than half the songs taking on a mellower beat.

However, despite the pleasantries of this album, I feel the band is stifling their own talent with a bit of a “safety” net around their songs. The lyrics gear towards the subject of relationships, (mostly troubled) but there are themes of self-discovery to be found in some of the lyrics, such as “The world outside/that you don’t think is real/A thousand miles lie between what you know and what you feel.” (Heart of Porcelain)

Although their instrumentals follow a similarly “safe” path with predictable beats and similar tones throughout, I see potential in this band. All in all, I enjoyed listening to Shryne and I’m anxious to see how they expand their talents.

Track Listing:

1) When the Lights Go Down

2) Discord

3) The Here and the Now

4) Burn Away the Light

5) Thrill of a Ride

6) Wasted Days

7) Empty White Page

8 ) Heart of Porcelain

9) Deep Inside

10) Vanity Affair

11) One More Song

You can check out the band at: - Infectious Magazine

"'Here and Now' and Everywhere with Shryne"

Managing Editor

For the members of Shryne, winning the award for "Band of the Year," at Limelight Magazine’s second annual award show in January was a complete shock.

“We didn’t think we were going to win,” said lead singer Jon Brennan, who also took home the award for "Male Vocalist of the Year." “We were very pleasantly surprised.”

Because bassist Andrew Sharp couldn’t make it to the ceremony, his band mates visited him at work to share the good news.

“At first they told me we didn’t win,” he said. “Then, they all yelled, ‘surprise!’ At one point, they were so loud I almost got fired.”

Elated by their victory, the Providence-based band of five was more than eager to release their highly anticipated second album, “Here and Now.” Though it’s officially their sophomore effort, they like to think of it as their debut recording because it’s the first with this incarnation of the band.

“I'm incredibly proud of ‘Here and Now,’” Brennan said. “We've created a beautiful blend of fist-pounding energy and musical sensibility.”

“It took two years, but we all think it turned out well,” agreed guitarist Antony Mattera. “And that was just recording it.”

While they admitted to being very meticulous about writing and recording, they said the whole process took awhile because they simply needed time to write the 11 tracks that appear on the new disc.

“You have to come up with enough stuff to make an album,” said keyboard player Alex Tirrell, who also sings lead on a hand full of tunes. “Some of the songs were written over a period of years. Some of the material I wrote is from 2005 and 2006, and [Brennan] had stuff from 2004.”

Brennan said they also wrote a couple of songs just a week before they began recoding.

“We needed a few new songs and we just banged them out. As far as the studio goes, there was writing along the way, too. Most of the arrangements weren’t actually solidified until we got in there,” he said.

With help from Randy Hunicke at Newcastle Sound in Barrington, RI, they laid down the tracks. After Tirrell recorded a viola piece separately at xMachine Studios in East Providence, a friend of the band, Liz Codd, offered supporting strings. It was mixed and mastered by Tony Ricci at TRIAD Recording Complex in Pawtucket. The finished product received radio play on both WHJY and WBRU, and Shryne was featured on WXIN and WRIU, the RIC and URI stations respectively.

“We did interviews on the college stations and they played some songs off ‘Here and Now,’” Brennan said.

On Feb. 27th, they got the chance to perform the album in its entirety at Club Hell for their CD release party, which was attended by over 100 people.

“We were thrilled to have so many people come out to see us,” Brennan said. “So many people came out of the woodwork.”

“My dad didn’t come to a gig in years and he came to the CD release party,” added drummer Jeff Cruz. “People from different social circles came out. I cannot describe what I felt when I stepped on that stage. Incredible, but that would be an understatement. I think it was a great night.”

Crimson Harvest, Stalemate, and Sold for Less, all played to get the festivities started.

“Every band played a fun and highly energetic set,” Mattera said. “I felt Shryne's set was one of the most memorable moments in the band's career thus far.”

Ashley Dallow of Riverside, RI, who has been following Shryne for the last nine years, said their performance on the 27th was phenomenal.

“It was one of the best shows I have seen them play," she said. "As always, they rocked out with such enthusiasm. You can tell they love what they do. It's all about the music.”

She also said she was really looking forward to the release party because she had heard bits and pieces of the new album before it was mastered and couldn't wait to get her hands on a copy.

“I wish I could say I had one favorite song, but that would be a lie. I love the whole album," she said.

Another fan, Gina Randles from Rumford, RI, felt the same way.

“When you listen to it, you can hear how tight it sounds. Not only is the music amazing, but you can feel the emotions in the songs," she said. "The guys work so well together, and it shows in the music. They're not so much a band as they are a family. My favorite song would have to be either ‘Thrill of a Ride,’ or ‘When the lights Go Down.’”

The band said album sales at the show were excellent and exceeded their expectations.

“We are all very proud of the new album and we hope that Limelight’s readers will check it out.” Tirrell said.

Tirrell is also proud of the fact that Kurzweil, a company that manufactures electronic musical instruments, mainly synthesizers, recently endorsed him.

“It was really exciting,” he said. “ I got to tour their research and development lab just outside of Boston. I had no idea what they were sending me there for.”

Tirrell was told to go to “R&D” to check out a new keyboard. He figured it was the name of a music store. When he realized where he was, he became ecstatic.

“I kind of geeked out a bit because the guy who gave me a demo actually designed some of the patches, or sounds, I used on this album," he said.

With all the accomplishments they have made as a band, Brennan said they now want to focus on doing more shows in big cities.

“We had shows at a few very noted Boston venues like Paradise Rock Club and the Hard Rock Café," he said. "We want to play in New York and we’re probably going to play in New Jersey in a couple of months. Once you have the product, it’s worth it to do that.”

To purchase a copy of “Here and Now,” visit Shryne at

“Shryne is going places,” said Brennan. “And this album will greatly help us get there.” - Limelight Magazine; March 2010


Commercial Radio Airplay:
"Discord" (95.5FM; WBRU)
"When The Lights Go Down" (94.1 FM; WHJY, Clear Channel 231)

Here and Now (2/27/2010)
day has turned to evening (2002, TSP Sound)




Forging a path in the East Coast U.S. rock scene and beyond,
Shryne drives pop rock to new heights with their energetic recorded sound and infectious live shows. The award winning quintet has just completed work on their newest release, "Here and Now"

The new record features 11 original genre-breaking compositions with lush vocal harmonies and intriguing pop arrangement.


- Confirmed performers at the 2010 RI PRIDEFEST!

- Confirmed performers at the AS220's 25th Anniversary Foo Fest ( featuring Warpaint [Rough Trade Records] )

- SHRYNE received Motif Magazine's Music Award for BREAK-THRU BAND OF THE YEAR for 2010!

- Nominated for Motif Magazine's Music Award for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for 2010.

- SHRYNE received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for BAND OF THE YEAR for 2009!

- Jon Brennan received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for "MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR" for 2009!

- Alex Tirrell is now proudly endorsed by his keyboard manufacturer, Kurzweil Music Systems.

- SHRYNE played to a near packed house at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe at Resin's CD Release Party on May 30th, 2009.

- SHRYNE played to an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 at Boston's Paradise Rock Club on May 23rd, 2009.

- SHRYNE was nominated for Motif Magazine's Music Award for LIVE ACT OF THE YEAR (ROCK) for 2009.

- SHRYNE received Limelight Magazine's Music Award for BEST LIVE ACT (INDIE) for 2008.

- Anthony Mattera was nominated for the Limelight Magazine Music Award for GUITARIST OF THE YEAR in 2008.

- Featured in Limelight Magazine's summer 2008 issue.

- Opened for national artists and stars of IFC's "Z-Rock", ZO2 (Riker Hill Records)

- Shared the stage with Stealing Jane (BTO Records)

- Won the grand prize at a Providence Battle of the Bands


In 2001, his junior year at East Providence High School, Jon Brennan gave serious thought of starting a rock band. One of his friends, Nick O'Neill, was also interested in the idea. O'Neill, a singer/guitarist, who was also a 'songwriting machine' according to Brennan, brought along his friend, Damian Knight, a bass player. At school, Brennan met Andrew Sharp, a rhythm guitarist and his friend, Jeff Cruz, a drummer. The five of them got together and found that the mesh worked, it clicked immediately.

They called themselves Shryne and began to play in public at local hot spots such as The Living Room and The Station, and in 2002 they put together a collection of their songs on a CD called 'day has turned to evening.'

Everything was going well for the band until a very tragic day in February, 2003. Nick O'Neill, the lead singer, only 18 at the time, lost his life in The Station Nightclub fire.

It would take some time for the remaining members to deal with the loss of their friend and to decide the future of the group. There were certainly some mixed feelings, but as Brennan said, "We wanted to continue for ourselves and as a tribute to Nick." In June of 2004, the band members felt it was time to get together again and make some music. But they needed to make a few changes first. Brennan took over as lead singer in addition to being lead guitarist.

Keyboardist/Vocalist Alex Tirrell joined the group shortly thereafter. Shryne, as Brennan puts it, "is in a new phase, going in a new direction." When asked to categorize their music, Brennan said, "We take elements of a lot of different styles, past and present, and put it all together. Pop rock is an apt description."

In the fall of 2006, bassist Damian Knight left the group to pursue other musical projects. Andrew Sharp had taken over as bass player. In February of 2007, Anthony Mattera came on board as their new lead guitarist, leaving Brennan free to be an energetic front man, without a bulky guitar in his way.

Mattera�s energy influenced the group to become a serious endeavor. The band has since transformed into a professional quality band in sound and image, landing high profile gigs and has completed work on their new release, �Here and Now�, released February 27th, 2010.