I make experimental acoustic pop punk folk that is kinda cute sometimes.


I'm a computer engineer. I want to be a rockstar instead. I do it for women, I want women to like me, and to pursue me aggressively. This is because I am shy and have a lot of self esteem issues.

I don't have much to write, I'm just starting to make music.

And here's my myspace:


You're all I want to fuck

Written By: Shu

Baby, you are all I ever want
I want to lick your sweet ass
even if you have a lot of gas
everything about you is a blast
I’d fuck youuuuuuu even if you had crabs

whatever you want i’ll say okey dokey
if you were a rapist i would want you to rape me
and your hair smells nice just like pantene pro v

You are what I adorn
when I’m with you, I don’t want to watch porn
even if my balls were torn
I would find a way somehow to fuck you like some sweet corn

I love how you never smile
because your teeth are yellow and vile
I love your style
if you were twelve
then I would be a pedophile

I have no doubts
with you I feel like i’m floating in the clouds
I I I I I love your beautiful eyes
I want to scoop it out and skull fuck you in the skies
and I would continue fuckking you even when you get old
when you are fat and bald
and your belly starts to fold
when your skin becomes crumpled
when your feet grows moles
when you are too ugly to behold
even then i will fuck fuck fuck ... you

All I need is myself

Written By: Shu

All I need is myself
no one likes me anyways
but I don’t need to feel sad

cuz all I need is myself
I can be my own best friend
I can be my own girl friend
yeah, I can be my own baby baby baby baby.....girlllllllllllllllllllllll
I can hold myself when I’m blue
I can make myself soup
when I’m dying
when I’m dying
I can visit myself in the hospital
I’m already there

all I need is myself
I can touch myself
I can make myself cum
I’ve got a penis
I’ve got my hands
I’ve got my banana peel
I’ve got my microwave
and I’ve got my toilet paper paper too

All I need is myself
I can jog and I can smoke
and it makes my head feel good
it makes my heart feel good
it makes leg feel good
it makes my arm feel good
it makes my other arm feel good too
la la la la la
it makes my other leg feel good too
it makes my other head feel good too
la la la la la la

8 Reasons

Written By: Shu

I want a girl
to go to restaurants with
so if my food is too hot
I can talk to her
instead of just sitting there
looking like an idiot

and I want a girl
to tell me what to do
I never know what to eat
I never know what to wear

I want a girl
to hold my hand
so we can hold hands together
and jump around like retards
I want a girl
to take me away from world of warcraft
I hate wow so much now
but I'm an addict and i ain't got nothing better to do
but if I had a girl, I could take her to the zoo or something
and I'll want to be with her all the time
and I can finally stop playing them god damn wow

and I want a girl so I can stop trying to get a girl
cuz I always get nervous with all the cool girls that I like
and then I come off really stupid and then they hate me
they're like man, he's stupid
let's not talk to him anymore, he's stupid
and that makes me feel really sad
so I want a girl to get out of my depression
so I won't cut myself
Ouch! That hurts!

and I want a girl
to hug and hold
I want a girl
to give me a cold
so i can say, hey, you gave me a cold, so you better have sex with me



Set List

I've got 8 songs around 2-4min long, most tracks closer to 2 than 4.