Get ready for a musical journey through heavy and soft, melodic and chaotic, clean and distorted, atmospheric and straight to the point. Get ready for truly diverse metal.


Challenging. Powerful. Diverse. Epic. These four words are the mantra that Shuddersome abides by. Their music is always challenging, not only demanding to play, but also mentally challenging for the listener. The lyrics force one to search for one’s own personal deep meaning, and the emotion painted by the music decorates the canvas of the song strikingly. Shuddersome’s music is always powerful. Whether it is a thunderous, fast-paced assault, or a slow, moody interlude, the music is always spellbinding. None of the material sounds like filler, with special attention and consideration given to every note played. The music Shuddersome creates is also diverse. While very much being a metal band, Shuddersome touches on many influences throughout its discography. From alternative to Viking, black to thrash, death to stoner, and all in between, there is a hint of many influences in the songs; while some influences stand out more than others in individual songs, the listener can still tell that this is Shuddersome playing it. Their diversity has allowed them to play with several national bands, from extreme power metal titans 3 Inches of Blood, Twisted Tower Dire, Widow, and Herod to the death metal band Origin, the thrash metal powerhouse Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, and the stoner legends Alabama Thunderpussy. There have also been many other incredible bands that have shared the stage with Shuddersome. The music they create is also epic. Orchestral and keyboard arrangements embellish the songs, as technical fretwork from the twin guitars provide an intricate dynamic over the razor-sharp drumming and bass work, laying down a rhythm like no other. Written to be larger than life, Shuddersome always delivers, with tales of arcane mythology and horrific cataclysms brought alive through the power of their imagination. Shuddersome has made it their mission to break barriers and defy traditions. They will continue to do so in the future, and the future only looks brighter.
Shuddersome is currently signed to Open Grave Records and is working on their follow up to "Sanctum Nocturnus" entitled "Nightmare Made Reality"

Shuddersome has shared the stage with:
3 Inches of Blood
Alabama Thunderpussy
Anal Blast
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder
Beyond All Reason
Twisted Tower Dire

Record Label contact:
Open Grave Records


The Tower (The Outsider Part I)

Written By: Mucis: Shuddersome, Lyrics: McDaniel

Oh, to see the light,
I would dare the climb.
The climb up the tallest tower.
Death I will defy!

Oh to see the light,
Once in this sad life.
Oh to see the light.

I reach the tower's peak.
I find out what I seek.
I peer outside the window,
A castle upon solid ground

I enter the castle.
I peer through the doorway.
I stumble forward, toward the living dead.
I touch his rotten paw.

But it was not a paw,
And I died a little inside.
It was cold and unyielding glass.
I had touched a mirror.

I had touched a mirror!

Nightmare Made Reality (The Outsider Part II)

Written By: Music-Shuddersome, Lyrics-McDaniel, Wallace

I cannot be this monster that I see,
This mirror must be showing lies to me.

I cannot be this monster that I see.
How did I die? Why am I back? Cannot be me.
I look into the mirror that took my soul.
This shard of glass that shattered my world.

Why am I lost in emptiness?
My soul is lost in darkness.
Awaken the beast that lurks inside.
Your soul will be the one that soon shall die.

Soon shall die.

I walk this world with no one by my side.
The ones I know and love, they run and hide.
Is this a dream that the mirror's showing me?
Oh, God, my nightmare's made reality.

Why am I lost in emptiness?
My soul is lost in darkness.
Awaken the beast that lurks inside.
Your soul will be the one that soon shall die.

Soon shall die.


"Nightmare Made Reality"(Coming Spring 2008)
"Sanctum Nocturnus"(LP 2006),
"Shuddersome"(EP 2005),
"Symptom of the Shudder"(EP 2002)

Set List

1 Hour to 1 and 1/2 hour set, can play longer
Very long song list to choose from

The Warriors
The Tower (The Outsider Part I)
Nightmare Made Reality (The Outsider Part II)
The Hunger (The Outsider Part III)
Stoned to Doom
River Red
Life Is a Dying Dream
The Day of Judgement
Ruin Impendant
The Sun Once Set
To No Avail
Swan Song
Clouds of Sorrow
I Am King
Scream To The Skies
Flight of the Valkyrie

(occational/Usual Encore)Covers:
Raining Blood-Slayer
Theme to "The Incredible Hulk"
Theme to "Dawn of the Dead"
Welcome Home-King Diamond (excerpt)
Christian Woman-Type O Negative