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"Shunda K makes the NME's "Cool" list."

41. Shunda K, Yo Majesty
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One half of Florida's most potty-mouthed lesbian hip-hop duo, Shunda K is typical of the hard-partying, needle-in-the-red spirit that re-energised hip-hop in 2008. - NME

"Shunda K on The New Gay"

2. Shunda K, Yo! Majesty:

If you’re into compelling backstories, you might want to put on your pajamas and get some popcorn before reading about Dance-hopper Shunda K. Without getting into too many of the details, she came out to to her family at the age of 18, but couldn’t take the pressures of being out and married a christian preacher in 2003. She soon dumped him and, after too many dalliances with “Straight up hos,” made a vow to god that she would remain celebate until Jan. 1st, 2006, unless she met her dream girl beforehand. Oddly enough, she did and has been with the woman since. Hallmark stories aside, Shunda also has been blessed with lighting fast rhyming skills and a gift for giggle-inspiring song titles like “Kryptonite Pussy.” - The New Gay

"Yo Majesty: When One Royal Head Falls Can The Monarchy Survive?"

She’s got that “Kryptonite Pussy,” and if your ears were working in 2007, you know what I’m talking about. Shunda K is the heart and soul of lesbian electro hip-hop duo Yo! Majesty. The aforementioned signature track was probably on a mix some chick from Berlin sent you last summer, or maybe it was those DJs from Toronto. Or did you read that review here in BPM last summer that said they single-handedly saved the Øya Festival in Norway? Or maybe you heard about their show last February at the Echo in Los Angeles, when they got so pumped about the crowd that they ripped off their shirts. Who can help but pay attention?

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"Sex and violence from the world's preeminent lesbian Christian-rap duo" - BLENDER

"All Hail The Queens" - NYLON

"Yo Majesty: 2 Live Crew's feisty step-sisters get nasty for God" - SPIN

"Florida's finest God-fearing lesbian rap duo Yo Majesty are here to make you rub on your monkey..." - NME

"Interview With Yo Majesty's Shunda K" - AfterEllen LOGO ONLINE


Le Passion Yo! EP

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Lashunda Flowers -- professionally known as Shunda K -- is the leader of one of the fastest rising underground hip hop acts in the world -- Yo! Majesty.

As a quick talking MC, spiritual songwriter, and ambitious entrepreneur, Shunda has managed to see her Tampa-based group through to international notoriety and a record deal with Domino Records (Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Kills) all through her undeniable ability to entertain and communicate with her audience at the same time. Shunda’s sheer force of will, perseverance and patience are also vital touchstones that have played a role in her success – she’s no overnight sensation.

“I always wanted to make it in this industry and thought for sure it was gonna come sooner than later. I released my first album in 2003 thru Dra Records, a Christian label in Okeechobee, FL. I used my real name, Lashunda, and entitled it Ideal Female as this was during the time right after I married a man after being with women for the five-plus years previous.”

Yo! Majesty takes the credit as the most notorious openly gay hip hop act and has served Shunda as she has served it, giving her a cushion for growth into knowing and becoming more secure with who she is: Gay with so much love for God.

“It has been a struggle up to dis point, where honestly, I still wasn’t 100-percent comfortable with myself. Through all of the shows and the glory of last year up until the end of 2007 when I met my fiancé, it was a struggle. I prayed to God to bring me my wife and went on a three month consecration from sex, believing He would bless me with this girl. After I split with my now ex-husband in 2005, I had been in and out of relationships with women and I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was being mistreated and mistreating myself and had to do something about it.”

Shunda was raised in the church and knew all too well how to get God to answer a prayer. “In the word of God it says that some things come through fasting and prayer. I felt like asking God for a wife was a huge risk and a sacrifice at the same time, so I had to go all out.”

Before her career in music, Shunda was on the road to sports stardom. “Shunda K, all the way” is what the cheerleaders used to chant when Shunda shined on the basketball court. Now the fans just swamp the stage, take it by force, and cheer her on in their own way. Nothing stops Shunda from bringing that enthusiasm out in her fans.

“Recently, I had to do a Yo! Majesty tour alone, and instead of saying ‘No, I can’t and giving up, I invited other artists I work with to perform with me and the people had a blast. It was like a music festival within a Yo! Majesty show.”

Some people would ask, why would Shunda begin to build a solo career when she is already part of a successful group that is just beginning to walk into what they may call “fame and fortune.” Character, integrity, and morale matter the most to Shunda. She admits that unfortunately she doesn't know how much longer she and her band mate will stay together.

“It’s more than ah kat fight, and if I find myself having to compromise my values unnecessarily, then its time to move on. This is not jus my business but my ministry. To minister the word of God through song is more than being ah entertainer to me. I don’t call myself ah entertainer, but ah minister of the truth. Nothing will stand in the way of me keepin’ it movin’.”

No matter what happens between the members of Yo! Majesty, Shunda, as an individual, has a responsibility to the people. No matter what and with no excuses, Shunda says “I can’t be out here faking it to make it jus because that’s what a muthafucka tell me I gotta do to make it in this industry. Da devil is ah liar!”

And so, with that said, Shunda K is well on her way to establishing herself and Yo! Majesty as household names. Dat’s what’s up!