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"shunDi - First Impression"

ShunDi - First Impression
Written by LaRosa Johnson
Saturday, 29 April 2006
What do you get when you combine a dreadlocked brother, the art of emceeing, a deep voice, spiritualized content, and dope hip-hop beats? No, you don't get KRS-ONE, but you do get an emcee that bears a striking resemblance physically & vocally, at least he does on the cover art. The name of this Christian emcee is Shundi, and this is his First Impression.

When I first got this album in my hands, it was very mystical & alluring. I wondered who this artist was with a name like Shundi; then, I was curious to the meaning of the Chinese text that appears under his name; from there, I wondered what this First Impression was all about. Well, after a bit of legwork (visting his website @, I figured out the meaning of his name and what the Chinese text translated to. I won't tell you here, so you'll have to go to the website & find out for yourself. But after the "mystery" was unveiled, what did I think of the music? Let's see.

Well, the album starts off with a kung fu like intro titled "Enter the Drunken Master," as the emcee is given the name Shundi the Drunken Master, as well as a wine flask. It is at this point that he becomes the middle finger on the Flamin' Fist of Yehuda and his lyrical journey commences. It's after this introduction that we get "First Impression," which is a song featuring EMCEE, where Shundi lyrically expresses his love and struggle with having a first impression with a lady. Who is this lady? It's hip-hop, and Shundi explores how he can express that love and make a good first impression with his album. He then goes on to talk about how others have abused & taken advantage of her, but that he's going to treat her right. It's from here that he quickly moves into the bouncy club/party track "It's On" where he gets people on their feet ready to party and have a good time in the Lord.

Next in line is a track featuring Edgar Szahans titled "You've Been Deceived." The purpose of this song is to declare that if you don't believe in the King of kings, then you've been deceived. He talks about how people choose not to believe in God and how they hate on him because he does, but he tells how he shakes off the dust and keeps moving on getting others to believe. Acting as a police officer, Shundi then begins to "Move the Crowd." It's on this track that he tells us that true crowd control is being able to affect people's souls, and urges the righteous to put their hands up and get hype. After moving the crowd, Shundi then decides to bring things down a notch with the love song titled "Love Jones" (which also appeared on Beatmart's Best of the Submissions Volume 2). Here, Shundi tells of how he came to be captivated by the love of God to the point where he can't shake it or let it go. I really love the end of the song where he takes it to the level of some Biz Markie type stuff.

Shundi now brings things back up to party level with the track "Clapp," once again featuring EMCEE. Simply put, this is a remixed party anthem to get people to clap and party all night long (keeping it holy, of course). He also continues to keep the crowd hype with songs such as "Get Up" and "Move Wit' Us."

With the track "World Wide" Shundi really begins to show why he is indeed called the Drunken Master. With "World Wide," he proclaims that there is a worldwide need for the love of Jehovah, which is everyone's basic need; it is his mission to make sure that this world wide need is delivered. In this sense of lyrical evangelism, Shundi is a "Proto-type," which he eloquently elaborates upon on this song. His heart for evangelism is really brought home with the track "Breathe" where he features Prone 5. It's here that he makes the listener aware that their life is on the line and that they need to breathe, which means for them to quit doing things the way they're used to doing them. You're then asked to "Pledge Allegiance" to the Lamb that was crucified (Jesus Christ) with Nazir & the Ghostwriter before "Comin' Home" with Shundi and EMCEE. After a skit & the closing track "Good bye - The Benediction," you reach the end of the album.

After reaching the end of Shundi's journey with First Impression I'm left with a few thoughts. 1) Shundi is a very dope emcee who is going to bring heat for years. 2) This dude has a heart for God and evangelism. And 3) he made a great first impression! All I can say is that I'm very pleased with Shundi as an emcee, and I look forward to continuing along the journey of the Drunken Master for years and albums to come.

- LaRosa - Trail Blazin Ministries

"First Impression"

...very honest and refreshing. I enjoyed it!

Todd Collins
Beatmart Records
10/30/05 - Todd Collins email


Featured on Nazir's first single "Nazarites" - 2002
Featured on Nazir/Dirt Split Ep - "Broken Earth" - 2003
Rapzilla Compilation Vol.1 – Featured on “Move Insane” 2004
Kodon – Wheaton College (Soul-a-ray) 2004
Beatmart - Best of the Submissions Vol. 2 (LOVE JONES) 2005
Debut Solo Release - "First Impression" October 2005
Sophomore release - "Return of the Drunken Master" Summer 07'


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Chicago's south side, Raashon "ShunDi" Daniels was raised up in a God-fearing home. Though surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and gang activity, ShunDi managed to stand strong and stay true to his morals. Coming up under the first generation of hip hop, ShunDi was heavily influenced by the likes of ground-breaking artists such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, Rakim, KRS-One, and Public Enemy. At a very young age, ShunDi began writing rhymes but never really thought much about it, eventually laying it down in the late eighties.

In 1992, ShunDi was inspired to once again pick up the pencil and begin to write as he had a life changing experience with the Lord. His hip hop journey began as he and two others formed a group called "Tribe of Judah", performing in numerous local concerts and outreaches. During this time, ShunDi linked arms with other local hip hop artists, forming a family of emcees with similar passions, goals, and desires. This family, formerly "The Modern Day Nazarites," eventually evolved into what is now known as "Nazir."

As one of the founding members of Nazir, ShunDi's passion for fresh and innovative hip hop led him to pursue a solo endeavor that would break the norm of typical Christian hip hop and make a mark in the secular arena. While still edifying the church through his music, ShunDi strategically targets the secular audience with the intent of making an impact for Christ. The model for his music is that "it must be able to compete with and defeat the influence of today's music on this hip hop generation." Saturated with passionate lyrics, his music will empower people to serve God with all their hearts, souls, and strength. ShunDi presents a very relevant and realistic point of view, often with creative punch lines and metaphors that will grab the ears of anyone who hears his music.

As a performer, ShunDi has appeared in many local and national events, most notably - JAM Youth Conference at Chicago's Arie Crown Theatre along with Donovan McNabb, Chris Tucker, Bishop Noel Jones and Deleon Richards; Compassionworks along with Cross Movement: Cornerstone Christian Music Festival along with Dirt (Shadow of the Locust family). ShunDi has also performed in many prisons and juvenile detention centers all across the nation with Youth Direct Ministries and the Institute for Prison Ministries at Wheaton College.

"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the manifestation of the sons of God" - Romans 8:19. As a son of God, ShunDi anticipates the full manifestation of his arrival as one of the most promising hip hop artists this industry has seen.