"pummeling and brutally melodic... Mournful and unbridled" as described by Indiana's only true Metal Scene Web Directory shunned is the best at what they do in their scene! Simple ,direct, inspiring and all out metal/hardcore!


Hailing from Northern Indiana, shunned was formed in the spring of 2002 by Drummer Scott Earley and Vocalist Jonathan Herrera. After several months of searching for like-minded musicians and testing the waters of the local music scene, the lineup was completed by the addition of Guitarist Brandon Thrasher and Bassist Mike Granger in the fall of 2003. Brad Hargrave was added to the line-up in the spring of 2004 as a second guitar player, completing the sound. shunned's potent combination of skillful music, restless lyrics, and hard-hitting stage show has peaked the curiosity and earned the respect of fans and peers alike. Their circle of influence has since expanded throughout Indiana, Northern Ohio and beyond!

The core of shunned's music is provided by the steady sound of chunky bass lines and elaborate drum work. The guitar compliments this drive by incorporating both intricate and heart-felt leads as well as simplistic rhythms to support the message of their music. The lyrics of shunned's music take their audience through a variety of experiences that most can relate to, moving from the turbulence and restlessness of "Complicate" to the desolate and mournful "1109" and then on to the victory and hostility of "Pleased (To Beat You)". The diversification of the lyrics is then supported by vocals that effortlessly take the listener from passionate melodies to tortured screams and then back again.

Recently shunned has been the center of attention in their scene having secured several opening slots for national acts such as Dope, Slaves on Dope, & Exodus as well as sharing co-Healiner slot with the likes of Mastadon and Rune of Relapse records at the MayDay MetalFest in Indiana. Jonathan is also very active the their local metal scene being featured as the voice of "the Underground" on THE METAL SHOP out of Ft. Wayne's own X102.3fm every Saturday at 11:00pm.
Over 500 copies of their debut album, Victims of Circumstance, have been sold to date and shunned has been busy supporting it nonstop since November of 2003.
Shunned is in the writing stages of their next album which should start to see some light of day by early summer of 2005. Check out the progress on

Pound for pound, with their drive and "do anything to play" attitude, shunned is easily one of Indiana's premiere Metal/Hard core acts of 2004!



Written By: shunned (copyright 04)

2) Complicate

Come to pass is my Fear From out Deep inside
And the cause violated, I am You?

My Fear for what they see
And this all shall come to be
When they call, I cringe, I am,
And I fade it away.

I….. When you know , when you feel, when your coming Back!
I….. Have faded away!

Come to pass, my view shall be no More
And they’ve complicated, I am You!
My Fears, To Be, All I am, Come Into Play
When they’ve all contradicted to me
Then I’ll fade them away!


You were the one that I crawled to…
When I needed a way to escape!
You were the lesson inside me
Yet, I’m still the Fool!
You know the answers to the question
Still I know you Lie!
You are the one that will Betray Me…

You Complicate (X2)
(repeat chorus)
You Complicate (X2) the way!

Written By: shunned (copyright 04)

3) By the Way

Today I struggle to be
What I was just the day before
Lost, Hurting , & left cold in this my toil
With You in Mind!

So here we are alone in my memory
As though we’ve always been here…
My will of desire leaves no will to be…

My chance to be Happy changed more upon that Day!

Your Body, your Face, and your Voice
The thought of you never ending
Repeating to me things I’ll never have…
With You!

In agony I toil and for you I spoil
as if it never meant anything…
My will of desire leaves no will to be…

(Chorus X2)

Your body, your face and your voice,
The thought of you ringing…(in my head!)
Repeating to me things I’ll never have…again!
Its turning me, turning me, turning me….

(Chorus X2)


Written By: shunned (copyright 04)

4) 1109

Seemed to me 4:00am was still too late,
Breathe no more was the best we could hope for
And only watch you slip away.

“I am not, What you see,
Though I’m not here, I’m waiting for you!”

“You sing to me”, though your Cold and Far away!
Pain no more was the best we could hope for
Even though we all still call your Name.


I’m hopeful though your gone
That you might see me through some way
Just know Mom that I’m here
Waiting for my Chance someday
I know that it’s coming soon…

Took from us without Mercy!
All I want is to say I’m sorry
I wasn’t there Now I’m waiting for…


(Lead break!)

Here I leave my fears
Pray for me through my hope and Tears
…that you might see me through some way
Just know Mom that I’m here
Waiting for my chance someday
I’ll be with you again, till then, I... am.



2002 shunned "circumstances" Demo (250 copies!)
2003/04 shunned- Victims of Circumstance
full length album
Songs currently in rotation and radio play:
By the Way/ Twist/ 1109

Set List

This is our typical set list this season:
Deep Colors…
By the Way!
Face it!
Just Like You!

Our set usually runs about 45 min. to an hour. We also have an all original set that we use as a showcase which is 30mins.
We have been known to play a couple covers for fun and they consist of SEVENDUST, UltraSpank, and StaticX tunes that we feel have influenced our sound!