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"Shunned "Promo 2007""

Shunned "Promo 2007"
By: Paul Autry/

Plain and simple, Shunned is a metal band. While they're not breaking
any new ground here, it does sound like they're tryin' to put a few
cracks in the sidewalk. I only heard three tunes. So, I don't have much
to go by. But, they were kick ass tunes, especially the first one,
"Power To Abuse," which was the stand out track for me. They're good at
what they do and they have the potential to become a major force in the
heavy music scene. They just need to put out a full length release in
order to show the world what they can do. While it's enough to get your
point across, you can't conquer the world with three tunes. So, keep
your eyes on this band. In the long run...I'm sure they're gonna
- Paul Autry/


Songs that have received radio airplay: Still, Power to Abuse, Gone Away, Selfish, Ascending and have also been streamed on Metal Warrants radio. A full length CD is being recorded April 2009 at ShunnedLLC Studios. Release date will soon be determined.



Shunned was resurrected from it's former self in 2006 by Scott Earley (founding member), drummer, and Mack Campbell, guitarist. Since that time, Shunned has gone through some personnel changes and now have a solid lineup. The band Shunned falls under the Limited Liability Corporation of ShunnedLLC. August 13, 2008 was the first show back with the newest members. Musical influences vary greatly between the members but some are: Lamb of God, God Forbid, Pantera, BLS, Ozzy, Black Sabbath. The live show sets Shunned apart due to the well rehearsed music, stage presence, and encouraging the audience to enjoy the music. Shunned does it's best to make sure the fans are given "props" and are acknowledged as the most important reason that Shunned keeps going. That along with a deep love for music and keeping it alive is what makes the band all that it is. Some of the bands Shunned has played with are: Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, Ventana, Drowning Pool, Hemlock, Mobile Death Camp, Divine Heresy, Diecast, Obituary. Shunned has played the annual Indianapolis Metal Fest each year it has been held. With the new full length CD set to be released and the many live dates that are being booked, 2009 is shaping into the break out year for the band Shunned. (See calendar)