Sava the flava of jazz, gospel and R&B Singer, poet, musician: IAMSHE Original neosoul music with a universal flow


An amazing vocalist/guitarist originally from Detroit, Michigan, Shurlavision was influenced by the artistic stylings of George Benson, Roberta Flack, Earl Klugh, Sting and Anita Baker, just to name a few. A seasoned soulful performer as well as quite the visual listening experience, Shurlavision projects a smooth soulful sensuality reminiscant of Motown's early years. Equally as influential was the great gospel musik that she played and listened to growing up as the organist for her father's church. Shurlavision’s unique method of conveying smooth, sensual spirituality through intense vocal self-expression is only equaled by her never- ending desire to give you her very best, every time she steps to it. Expect a lot from Shurlavision, you will not be disappointed.



Written By: Shurlavision

Wherever u go, ur deeds will follow
And if u choose hate, ur ground is shallow
But if u choose love, then flowers will grow, I know it's so..listen 2 me children
Cuz over the hills of love I've traveled
And filtering through life's psycho-babble,
I understand now, u reap what u sow, that's how love goes
And where duz ur lovegarden grow
How would u like me 2 know, tell me now, where duz it, where duz it gro?
Some fell by the way of loneliness and they became lonely people 2,
Some fell by the way of prejudice and teach their children 2 hate me and u
But mine fell by the way of happiness, eternal love is my gift 2 this world,
And if I could share my love with everyone, I'd write a song 4 each boy & girl,
Where duz ur lovegarden grow
And how would u like me 2 know
Tell me now, where duz it
Where duz ur lovegarden grow
Lonely my love how would u like me 2 know,
Near rivers and streams or where birds and the bees, feeling my love gonna bring ya right back 2 me
Tell me where duz it gro
Where duz it gro


Written By: Shurlavision

Early in the midnight hour
Or in the morning before my first cup of tea
I look around me and the covers have fallen
But all I wanna do is drop 2 my knees, ya got me
Call'n your name
Baby baby I'm call'n
Honey baby I'm, honey baby I'm call'n your name
Baby, baby I'm call'n
Honey baby I'm, honey baby I'm call'n your name
You know I've often wondered why
Why old feelings never die oh oh
And why that smile upon your face seems 2 fit that empty place
Got me call'n your name, in the midnight hour, when the love's not the same, oh how I wished it was you, Dream you're holding me tight, I push my face in my pillow, Oh your loving's so right, Hold me now, I can't help myself... damn, shit!
You know the time 4 hate will end, If love of life would just begin,
You know I could not let you go
Had 2 let my feelings show
But I know that our love is so strong and sometimes I've been wrong,
But this time, I believe you so
And I know in my heart when you lie 2 me once and you lie 2 me twice
Still I find myself
Call'n Your Name
Baby baby I'm
Baby baby I'm call'n
Call'n Your Name
Baby baby I'm
Honey baby I'm
Call'n Your Name


WhereDuzItGro? - 6 song CD

Set List

Tak'n Me High
Call'n Your Name
Honey On My Heart
Will You Pray?
Songs run between 3-5 minutes in length.
One set runs about 35-40 minutes with a two-set maximum. Third set can be added for an additional fee.