A hot blend of Arabic melodies and counterlines, African rhythms, Funky bass lines, and a fiery gypsy feel. The sound of this band can seamlessly grow from an intimate duo to an all-out-party-energy music.


"Shusmo" means "what's his name" in Arabic. This New York City based band has recorded music for the film “West Bank-Brooklyn,” and theme music for WBAI’s radio show “Fen Meshnoon with Dean and Maysoon.” Since releasing their first album “One” in February 2005, they have performed at a number of National and International festivals including The Jerusalem Festival (Jerusalem, Palestine), Sounds of the City (Newark, NJ), Atlantic Antic (Brooklyn, NY), NextNext Series at BAM Cafe (Brooklyn Academy of Music), and Festival du Monde Arabe de Montreal (Canada). Other venues include New York and Columbia Universities, and Joe's Pub.


Album: One

Set List

Usually 2 sets of 45 minutes, all original music.
Sample first set:

The Time it Takes (7:00)
Samba for Maha (8:00)
Apologies to Brahms (8:00)
One (9:00)
Dal-Funky-'ona (8:00)

Sample second set:

Ajam (8:00)
The Wall (6:00)
Pieces (8:00)
Pickles (7:00)
Georgnia + 2 (11:00)