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ShutDemDown is not just a record label ShutDemDown is a movement.We make new fresh hip hop music unlike anything else out there. Our music pairs cutting edge production with some of the most creative and talented MCs around.Our music cant be compared to anyone else. ShutDemDown is the future!!!


ShutDemDown Productions was started by Milwaukee producer Sam Winters in 2005. Tired of trying to find his way into the industry with his beats alone, he decided to go the independent route. He soon hooked up with long time friend and collaborator, producer Dave Derrilykt. Derrliykt and Winters pooled together the best rappers they were producing and the ShutDemDown movement was born. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, and each having their own distinctive style, the two producers form the backbone of ShutDemDown and give the music a sound that cannot be compared to anyone else. The goal for the ShutDemDown crew is to earn a distribution deal to establish an independent record label.

The gasoline fueling the ShutDemDown fire is, of course, the MC’s. This collection of 5 rappers are as dynamic and diverse as the production they spit over. Panic tha Fiyastarta - the gritty, larger than life MC/Singer, Nuncio tha Champ - the Texas born, Midwest-bred vato with the fiery flow, Face aka Jamaica - the truth from the mean streets of St. Louis, Blkman - Milwaukee’s favorite hustlin’ ladies man with the Midwest swang, and Mystique - the mind-boggling wordsmith from the hood.

Since the inception of ShutDemDown, this new school Wu Tang Clan of sorts has been tearing up the stage and studio all around Wisconsin as a group and also as individuals. Playing some major gigs including 2 years in a row at the annual “Vinyl Madness” festival in front of a crowd of over 1000, and headlining the 5th annual “Beermuda Bash” at the University of Wisconsin Stout for over 500 college party animals. These and the many other gigs in the past 2 years have kick-started the movement and started a growing fanbase.

In August, ShutDemDown was 1 of 24 chosen out of over 300 solo artists/groups for the major audition for V100.7 FM's Jam For Peace held in Milwaukee, WI. Only 7 solo artists/groups advanced and ShutDemDown was one of them. They took first place and showed the crowd how well of performers they really are. They've also been involved with Gorilla Productions in Battle of the Bands, which they had a major success with, and in the Bodog Battle which only 24 groups out of 250 were nominated. ShutDemDown is currently in Round 2 in which only 12 groups advanced.

ShutDemDown has also had two songs played on V100.7, the song "Losin' My Mind is in full rotation on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, and played every week on 91.7 FM in Platteville, WI. They even had a live interview on the air on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee on October 19, 2007.

Don’t call it a group and it’s not just a record label, ShutDemDown is a movement. With the hottest hip-hop around, their swagger, and their style ShutDemDown does not attract “fans”, they attract followers in the movement to ambush the industry. ShutDemDown is poised to take over Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Midwest, the country, the globe……


"Winters and Losers" - 2005
Produced entirely by Sam Winters with a collection of underground artists from Washington state.

"Main Objektiv" - 2006
Debut album from Objektiv, who is no longer with the label.

"Familia First" - 2006
Debut album from Nuncio.

"Cocky Mixtape Vol.1"- 2007- collaboration of all the artists from ShutDemDown Productions

Set List

Our setlist changes every show. The audience could hear anything from our catalog of over 100 songs. Each song is between 3 and 5 minutes. No covers. Our sets are usually 1-2 hours long.