We are a new age rock band that kicks you in the face picks you up and does it again . we are a three peice from canada and we are the motley crue of the 2000s


It all began with two drunken friends dev Pederson(Vocals, guitar) and Mat Rapuano(Drums).They began as Triptonite in 1998 and started jamming in Rapuanos shed. All that was left was there serch for a bass player. Sheldon McDougall then traded his scale for a bass and the band was now formed. They wasted no time in playing local shows in Airdrie and soon formed a local fan base. Now to big and board of there home town they started to play shows all over Calgary. In 2001 Triptonite changed there name to SHUTTER and recorded there fist full length album at s.o.s studios. Shutter has achieved many goals since then and have had 2 songs Reality and Dice hit # 1 on many collage radio stations. C.j 92 sent the trio to showcase Calgary in Toronto for Canadian music weak and had there song light me up played on the station over 3 weeks. Shutter got a real tan when they played Cancun spring break in 2005 at the bull dog café and daddy rocks and played for 3 months all over Mexico. Shutter is a high energy Rock show that will kick you in the face pick you up and do it again. When Shutter is in town Every body knows it.


Shutter performance history:
-The fox Calgary Alberta
-The back ally Calgary Alberta
-Metro Calgary Alberta
-Winner of shamrock battle of the bands Jan 15 2002
-Headliner at Vailmount Rock fest 2003
-Red deer college Alberta
-Daddy Rocks Cancun Mexico spring brake 2005
-Bulldog Café Cancun Mexico spring break 2005
-Tesimil Mexico Grand opening
-The Q night club Merida Mexico
-Tequila Night club Merida Mexico
-The Blue Merida Mexico
-The Q Night club Progresso Mexico
-Captain Hooks Verimosa Mexico
-Montana’s Toronto for Canadian Music Week 2005
-Sharks Grand Prairie Alberta
-The Zoo Hinton Alberta
-The Crossroads Edson Alberta
-Pete’s Jasper Alberta
-The Hotel McBride B.c
-Rosas Kelowna B.c
Shutter Achievements:
-Headline of a Promotion tour for Slemens Beer
-co Headliner for Slemens Rock Fest Vailmount B.c 2003
-Opening Band for:
Wide Mouth Mason
High Holly Days
Sum 41
-2nd place in C.j 92 song writing contest with song “Light Me Up”
-Played during Canadian Music week in Toronto representing Calgary in 2005
-Played 3 weeks in Cancun Mexico for spring break and toured eastern Mexico for 3 months.

Set List

14 origanals
a few finger 11 ,silver chair covers