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Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Mays Landing, New Jersey, United States | SELF
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"ShutterStone EP Review from"

"Shutterstone’s sound is extremely accessible, creating a style that will appeal to rocks fans of many makes and models."

By Thomas D. Szewc

Sometimes an EP comes along and you think to yourself “this should be a full-length album, dag-nab-it!” Well, if there was ever a time when I was thinking that, it was with the self-titled release by Hammonton, New Jersey’s own, Shutterstone. The second I was greeted with “So Far Down’s” opening hook, I was immediately enthralled. The guitar playing, merited to Stephen McKnight, is raw and heavy in a way that reminded me of a slightly more upbeat Stone Temple Pilots. Some of his riffs and licks are incredibly creative and showy, to the point it’s clear the band knew to pull out all the stops for the first track. There’s definitely a “wow” factor here that really makes you anticipate what’s to follow.

So if the first song pulls out all the stops, then does this mean the rest will invariably suck? To that I would answer: why are you being so negative? I’d follow that up by explaining how the remaining tracks showcase a wide variety of style and mood, creating one solid debut release. Shutterstone’s sound is extremely accessible, creating a style that will appeal to rocks fans of many makes and models. “Trippin Again” features a modern pop-rock flow, whereas “Denial” and “Makes Me Feel” will feel right at home with the more gritty alternative rock crowd. Closing with the power ballad “Closer,” the album takes a more somber turn but with some refreshing backing piano pieces. The piano itself isn’t overly creative but does wonders to back up the mood of the song.

Shutterstone has some inspiring lyrical skills as well. Derek Selke’s melodic voice carries well through the various tones running across the six different tracks. Whether it’s showing animosity, ambition, or just being sentimental, Selke nails them with silky rock gusto that I can imagine stretching far at any live performance. As a matter of fact, the voice behind the band is also the driving force behind the music and lyrics as well. Selke’s writing keeps in tune with each song’s mood, backing up the style and flair he puts forth in his voice. Some of my favorite lines came from track number 2, "Let Down," where Selke laments:

Still I seem to need you
But I just can’t get through
All this pain I’ve one through
I must be blind
You build me up to tear me down
You chew me up to spit me out
You burn my eyes, watch me drown
You lift me up to let me down

The utter pain and frustration of being in a one-sided relationship comes out nicely through these lines. I quite like the chorus because, out of context, I think everyone can relate to those sentiments in one way or another. Who hasn’t gotten so frustrated from expecting so much and getting so little? Between the lyrics and the writing of the actual music itself, you definitely get the feeling that Selke put a great deal of time and effort into this release.

Shutterstone definitely has the potential to grow. I feel like they could do a lot with a full length album, and I personally look forward to the day they cut one. In just six songs, they’ve shown they can tackle different styles of rock and not sound displaced in any way. Simply put, this rock has range.


ShutterStone (Self titled EP) - 2007
1. So Far Down
2. Let Down
3. Denial
4. Trippin Again
5. Makes Me Feel
6. Closer

"Between Chaos and Confusion" 2010
1. Merry Go Round
2. Makes Me Feel
3. Light My Way
4. Negative
5. The End of Everything is Nothing (Featuring Marcus Ratzenboeck of Tantric)
6. Let Down
7. Denial
8. No Big Deal
9. Letting Go
10. Lipstick + Luxury (gets me)
11. Anywhere But Here



“ShutterStone” can best be described as a whirlwind of emotion filled with a flair for the dramatic, "Derek Selke".

The concept of ShutterStone started in the summer of 2006 when singer/songwriter Derek Selke met local guitar player/producer Stephen McKnight and the two decided to record some tracks that Selke had written. With McKnight producing and taking on the role as lead guitarist for the project, he enlisted the help of former Seether/Breaking Benjam drummer Kevin Soffera to record the drum tracks. Rounding out the recording was local New Jersey bassist John Scaffidi. Together they recorded an EP of six songs all written by Selke over the next six months at McKnight’s studio in New Jersey. It was during this time that the name of the project “ShutterStone” was born. The name, which came about as an extension of Selke’s love for cinematography and film study, would lay the foundation for the compelling style of music that the band would come to write and record.

After the albums completion the next step was to naturally take the project live and assemble a band to promote the self titled release. The band which included Selke, and Scaffidi, played shows across the east coast for the next two years to support the record. The album made its way on to radio with promotion from Philadelphia stations 93.3 WMMR, 94.1 WYSP, 102.7 WJSE and Radio104.5 with great response. After touring and playing locally here in the States, Selke took the music of ShutterStone to the UK for a series of dates in October of 2008. During this same period the band went back in to the studio to work on the follow up to the EP, this time with producer Dan Malsch at the helm recording at Soundmine Studios in East Stroudsburg PA. Malsch who has worked with Tantric and Framing Hanley among other top named acts took the project and ran with it.

“I wanted to take what they had done with the first CD and multiply by a hundred” We wanted to get the biggest sound possible and I think the new record really captures what ShutterStone is all about” "Dan Malsch"

The result is eleven tracks that engulf the terms rock, pomp, and circumstance, and really resonates with what’s happening in the world of rock music today. The album entitled “Between Chaos and Confusion” was released January 5th 2010 via iTunes, CD Baby, and, Amazon Music. The album also includes a guest appearance by Tantric’s Marcus Ratzenboeck(electric violin) on the song “The End of Everything Is Nothing” and is available at

Catch the band on tour this spring and pickup a copy of their new CD "Between Chaos and Confusion" out now.

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