This band has a flavor of it's own. The band has that familiar Rage type style but yet different enough that they developed a unique sound that is them !


Inspired by the Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine and more.

This Wichita, KS, rap-rock group Shuvel mixes politics with aggressive rock. The band now lives and performs in and around Southwest United States.

The band appeared on the Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack, toured with like minded acts such as, Kittie, Sevendust and Pantera, and also appeared on the Methods of Mayhem and Ozzfest festivals before the late summer release of their debut album, Set It Off...
(~ Heather Phares, All Music
The band has it's new Release Titled " As The World Burns "


Set It Off - Interscope Records
As The World Burns - Independent release

Set List

The band's set is all original songs. Set is usually 30-45 minutes in length.