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Shwa Losben

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop




"Four Artists to Watch"

"A staple of the D.C. singer-songwriter scene over the past few years, Shwa has spent the last few months assembling a full band, playing up and down and all over the place (London, even!), and recording his new release, "Just a Thought." The band (Shwa Losben on guitars and vocals, Jim Beardow on lead guitars, Brad Moore on bass, and Brandon Witt on drums) keeps the local fans rocking at venues like Galaxy Hut, the Black Cat and DC9, and Shwa uses the off dates to travel all over the East Coast playing acoustic shows. The band's hard work pays off on the new album, which features hook-heavy, radio-ready songs that reflect elements of Travis and Coldplay but stand on their own merits. The full band experience breathes life into these songs and places Shwa on a path to become a top local act." - On Tap Magazine

"Shwa-Just a Thought (Review)"

"Just a Thought" finds former solo singer-songwriter Shwa Losben leading a new alt-rock quartet that bears his name and packs plenty of rhythmic vitality and melodic appeal. Losben often sounds out of sorts with the world, struggling to make sense of relationships ("Here and Now") and dealing with exiting partners or dwindling interest ("Let Yourself Out" and "Forget I Said Anything"). Still, he and his bandmates ultimately display more craft and tunefulness than reasons to rant.
- The Washington Post

"Shwa Losben's Chop Chop"

" feels like the search is over for the next worthwhile troubadour. He could be Ryan Adams without the whiskey or Conor Oberst without the whine. At the end of the day, Losben is an inspired singer-songwriter who holds the promise of carrying more tricks and insight up his sleeve." -

"Chop Chop CD Review"

"The album is haunting, revealing levels past just the usual singer-songwriter ennui. Sounds like Elliott Smith at times, but that’s unfair. Losben is his own man. With the voice and chops worthy of repeated listens, you’ll get lost in this disc. And be glad you did." - On Tap Magazine

"Shwa-Making it On his Own"

"Shwa Losben has the contemporary style, age and attitude to make him a perfect prospect for a college market entertainer. His appeal will draw your students in and could very well make this act one your board continues to bring in far in the future." - Campus Activities Magazine

"Shwa Delivers Captivating Set"

On a cold, damp Monday evening, the Fireplace Lounge was warmed by the sounds of acoustic rocker Josh "Shwa" Losben. Concert-goers who braved the chilly temperatures were treated to a great night of music.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Shwa's sound is similar to that of Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, Elvis Costello and Damien Rice. With meaningful lyrics, heartfelt vocals and great guitar skills, Losben treated the small, but appreciative, audience to an intimate and entertaining set, complete with a rendition of Britney Spears' "Baby, One More Time" (sung in Spanish no less!)

Another high point of the evening was when Shwa performed a song from his latest release entitled, "Hanging By A Thread." After the show, he explained the deeper meaning to some of the song's already powerful lyrics, "The ministers admit we were mislead� we're wishing where we'd rather be instead� we're hanging by a thread."

"The song is about taking a step back, and carefully examining where you're at in life. Appreciating things for what they are, both the bad and the good. There are people with real problems in life, nothing is ever as bad as it seems," he said. After a pause he added, laughing, "...Wow, that came off way more pretentious than I intended."

With audience banter and plenty of laughs between songs, Shwa kept the atmosphere comfortable and energy high all night.

Fans will find Shwa unusually sincere and approachable. It was refreshing to see and speak to an artist focused on a powerful positive message and commitment to his craft. Losben's eloquent song-writing style and indie-rock sensibility sets his music on a higher level from so many other acoustic guitar-wielding solo acts. Shwa's musical influences include Guster, Travis and Neil Diamond, to Radiohead and Michael Jackson. He does a remarkable job reflecting these influences; blending sampled beats and rhythms with acoustic guitar playing, rounding out his sound with breathy, intricate vocal work, clever lyrics and sincere delivery.

Losben cracked jokes and was affable and easy-going as he spoke with attendees about his favorite bands and experiences performing and traveling after the show. Students in attendance left the show with smiles on their faces and music in their hearts.

Often times some of the best shows one can see are put on by the acts that nobody has heard of, still on the rise, yet to be discovered by the mainstream. Keep an eye out for Shwa in the near future. This is one act with a creative drive and commitment to music that shows no signs of stopping. - PSU's "The Clock" by Mike Kim

"Shwa Losben - "Chop Chop""

The independent release Chop Chop is the first solo effort for singer/songwriter Shwa (Joshua) Losben. This is the kind of album you find yourself listening to over and over again, while gleaning something new and insightful each time. Losben's vocals are reminiscent of early Neil Young but the songwriting reminds me more or bands like R.E.M., Radiohead, Jack Johnson and others. This is a rare and great find; a true indie release that doesn't suck. -

"Pencil This In"

Shwa layers guitars, bass, keyboard, cello, drums and claps, atop precise vocal harmonies to create a melodic and sweetly nostalgic sound. -

"Shwa Live at Rockwood Music Hall"

Former DC rocker Shwa Losben has been making a name for himself since moving to New York last year. With a vocal style that sounds like a cross between Michael Stipe and Elliott Smith, Shwa specializes in melodies that you can't get out of your head. On his first solo effort "Chop Chop," Losben weaves intricate stories over beautiful arrangements. The product is one of the year's most unique albums. - The Deli Magazine


Just a Thought (2004)-Shwa
Click Track E.P. (2006)--Shwa
Chop Chop (2008)--Shwa Losben (solo record)
Good Times, Good Times (2010)--Shwa Losben (solo record)



Shwa Losben writes catchy, yet sophisticated rock songs. As the name of his band "The Good Times" suggests, Losben brings a light perspective to his playful brand of indie pop.

"I'm always thinking of ways for people to have fun at my shows," Losben said. "If you're not having a good time at a rock show, why have one?" This attitude spawned ideas including fan votes for cover songs and a free taco giveaway to anyone who came to five concerts.

The approach has also earned Shwa an immensely loyal fan base and quickly established him as an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Now others are starting to notice.

In 2008 he released his debut solo album Chop Chop to wide critical acclaim. Rebel Spirit Music described the record as having "truly outstanding melodies crafted to perfection," while DCist proclaimed "the search for the next worthwhile troubadour is over." The title track earned Losben the prestigious ASCAP Robert Allen Songwriting Award, for which he was honored at Lincoln Center, and he soon channeled the album's success into opening spots for Ben Folds and OK Go.

Despite his easy-going attitude, Losben's fans take his music very seriously. More than 100 listeners sponsored his new album, Good Times Good Times , by bidding on prizes like "watch an episode of Full House together." With the support of his fans, Losben raised enough money to independently release the record.

"The band was playing new songs for over a year and I really wanted to share them with everyone," Losben said. "I'm so fortunate to have a fan base that believed in the music too."

Now armed with Good Times Good Times , Losben is poised to break out. Drawing on influences from Pulp to Pearl Jam, the record contains ten hook-laden songs and marks a major musical leap for the band. While capturing the energy of inspired live performances, the album seamlessly weaves together stories about good times and bad decisions. From the opening track "Trainwreck," about a friend who went to Mexico with a guy she met on Craigslist, to "Brooklyn Girls," a catchy critique of mean hipsters, Losben paints vivid images of his characters.

The album even ventures into dance pop with the fan-favorite, "Penultimate Dance." "Oh, it's an obvious attempt to sell out for sure," Losben joked. "My dream is for it to be the second-to-last song played at weddings and bar mitzvahs."

By combining addictive melodies with a distinctive, fun-loving sensibility, it's easy to see why USA Today praised, "[Shwa Losben] deserves to be heard by more people." Now armed with Good Times, Good Times, it's only a matter of time until he is.