A steamy stew of Sonic Indie New Wave Pop


Three Denver boys that grew up playing together, reunited after years apart in Oregon, New Orleans, and Fort Collins with one transplant from Chicago. Alas, four gentlemen conjoined, and in a kaleidoscopic span of spinning time, dished and delivered a steamy stew of sonic indie new wave pop in a blizzardous maelstrom of gigs, recording sessions and practices in the now legendary Danger Room in Denver, Colorado in the winter of 06-07. After those bone-chilling months, the avalanche of shows, and many a frosty pint, Shwerver in correlation with Sven Mulligan Subsidary Record Club, is proud to finally present to you on record what we always brought during those brisk winter nights . . . . . . Heat.


Heat - Full Length
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Set List

10 songs - Two Punch, Surfing, Symphony, My Love, DangerWall, Opting, Hillary, Hoorah, Slip and Slide, Haunted Ollie. Length about 40 - 45 minutes