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Having grown up in Tottenham, the catalyst of last year’s UK riots, Shwyn knew it would be easy to mix with the wrong crowds. However, having channeled his energy productively, Shwyn rose to become one of this year’s hottest new artists. Today, the R’n’B star is calling on UK youths to consider a similar path.

2011 put Tottenham on the map for all of the wrong reasons. As thousands took the local streets to smash storefronts, wreck property and commit arson, the area developed a bad name for its population of black youths. Today, one of the town’s more notable residents is making a direct call to local youths – urging them to reconsider their moral values and choose a positive path in life.

Shwyn, an acclaimed emerging R’n’B star, is spreading his message via music. In fact, many top critics are praising him for his commitment to conveying positive messages, preaching the importance of moral values and providing a strong role model for teens.

Following the launch of his first single, ‘Individual’, many lives have been changed.

“The biggest thing I am seeing is praise from others who are contacting me to tell me how the song has been a positive influence on them, inspiring them to do things they didn’t think they could achieve,” says Shwyn, who released the single through Mind and Body Records.

He continues, “I’m just a Tottenham boy who could have fallen by the wayside and ended up in last year’s riots. However, I decided to throw myself into another direction and do something positive with my life.”

Strong moral ethics form the backbone of each of Shwyn’s lyrics. Promoting moral and racial equality, Shwyn is famous for developing lyrics that promote good character, with no explicit language or illicit references.

“Music is a medium that millions of people enjoy. Therefore, it has the ability to influence them greatly. In this day and age the music world has a lot to answer for when it comes to the ethics it promotes. I wanted to be different and use music’s natural influence as a vehicle to spread the word about good character, strong morals and harmonious living,” Shwyn adds.

All of this has resulted in a booming initial career for the artist. Critics are tipping Shywn to continue to grow in popularity, with his ability as an internationally-acclaimed R’n’B star well within in his grasp.