Shyam Moses

Shyam Moses

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

I sing with a peaceful melody to calm any beast, I sing with passion in my voice. I sing for peace, freedom and equality. I write, I sing and I play for humanity.


SHYAM MOSES Moses Emanuel Beckford, stage name Shyam Moses, was born in Jamaica at the University Hospital on October 23 1978.

At the tender age of five I discovered my love for music and has been growing strong ever since. His first encounter with a musical instrument was with a small keyboard which he taught himself to play. As he matured he also took great interest in the guitar and once again, he taught himself to play. He would often play and sing with his family at church services and at the age of sixteen, the richness of his voice was well beyond his years. In 1996, the boy group T O Q was formed Shyam being one of the lead vocalists, and song writers. The group performed at hotels and other occasions such as weddings and parties. Shyam’s passion for music extends to other types such as; Gospel, Reggae, Soul, and R&B.


“Always love you” 16 songs
“All “journey to peace”. 17 songs
This is a totally independent project which is now creating a new fans base for Shyam and his work.