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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band R&B Soul




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'' is featuring music from INTO THE GROUND in their latest podcast titled 'Music With Which To Invite Bliss In' -

"The Movementz Interview"

A beautiful voice, plus beautiful songs, plus a beautiful outlook on it all gives us Tricia Gilhooly, a.k.a Shyann. Shyann is taking Canadian pop music by the reigns, quickly becoming a fan an industry favourite. With material that instantly evokes a more sophisticated, but equally entertaining form of pop music, Shyann is someone to look out for!

When did you start getting involved with music? Have you looked back since?

I got involved in music when I was just a little kid. Believe it or not, I was a very reserved, very shy kid that often got bullied on account of the fact that I never spoke up for myself. Then one day, as cliche as it sounds, I was in the changeroom after gym class just singing to myself and when I was done, I looked back and looked up to see that all the girls in the changeroom had their eyes on me. It was amazing and their response was so overwhelming to a person who was used to getting no attention. Since then, I've learned that music is ultimately the way that I best express myself and I've honestly never looked back since.

How would you describe your sound to those who haven't heard it before?

There's definitely an urban element to what I do but I couldn't really place my music under one genre because I'm so heavily influenced by many different ones, from the indie music scene, to jazz, to opera, definitely hip hop and really, any world genres. I draw the best of what my ears hear from every genre of music and my own sound is comprised of many of those elements. I'd love to hear input on how others would categorize my music into a genre.

What do you hope audiences will take from listening to your music?

All that I could hope for an audience to gain from listening to my music would be an understanding of where I'm coming from, be it conceptually or musically. If a person can take their own personal meaning away from what I do, that builds the connection between one music lover to another :)

Where does your song writing inspiration usually come from?

Honestly, my song writing inspiration stems from just living my everyday life, from the greatest moments in the world to the worst, and for all of those moments in between where I'm lost in transition. Or being moved by someone elses' experiences around me. My true release is writing and expressing myself, my thoughts and my feelings through music.

Who are your favourite artists and how have they influenced your song writing if they have?

There are so many artists that are influential to me: Beck, Portishead, definitely Amel Larrieux vocally as well as Raphael Saadiq, Radiohead, and Broken Social Scene, to name a few. They all influence me in that they have found their own sound, they've found their own writing style, their own melody and I aspire to find that sound for myself, as an artist and as an individual.

Are any of your songs inspired by an interesting story that you'd like to share?

Every song on my upcoming album has it's own story. One song in particular "Emptiness" is a song that shows the vulnerability in us as human beings. I am watching a friend, and a really good person, being taken advantage of and even with my words of wisdom to walk away, I realize that everybody has to see their own path and discover their own truths for themselves. And to also act based on what they want, and not what others want for them. I guess thats what makes us all individuals at the end of the day.

How do you feel about the Canadian indie scene? Good or not so good place to be?

I feel very positive about the direction that our Canadian Indie Scene is going in. We already have great talent such as Zaki Ibrahim, Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire, that have all come out of our music scene here and are representing for Canadians. They've proved to me that good music can exist and still have a non-generic message and melody attached to it, which gives me a lot of hope.

What is the best part about making music?

The best part about making music: EVERY PART is the BEST PART of making music for me!!! From creating an idea to translating that idea into a melody and into a chord structure, every part of the process is satisfying beyond words, right up until hearing the finished product and knowing that your own musical idea came to fruition.

Any news/ upcoming events we should know about?

I'm actually working on my debut album as we speak. It's going to be released later on this year and represents the best of my musical sweat and tears! I'm working Nick Name, who's an extremely talented producer and musician that you're probably going to be hearing a lot from in the next little while( and I'm really excited about what's coming out of the collaboration.

Where would people go to purchase your music?

Once the album is out, you'll be able to purchase the big debut album off of my website or live in concert! In the meantime, check out the website ( for any updates on the project or any upcoming shows. Much love :)
- Lia Karidas, Journalist

"Limelight Magazine Artist Feature"

Shyann has known from a young age that performing was right for her. It helped her find her voice. After a three-year wait, her new
album, Into The Ground, is set for a fall release.

“I’m just pumped to do shows. We’ll get a chance to go back out there again. Only this time we know who we are and we know our sound” she says.

The singer resides in Mississauga where she continues to compose her own music and prac- tice for upcoming shows. Music, she says, is a big part of her life. Everything she does revolves around it.

“I live it and breathe it. Music is always in my house and is the thing that really makes me happy. It’s not just the performance element, but just sitting there and listening to it,” she explains.

To create her sound, she collaborates with friend and producer Nick Name, who she met during University.

They have been working together for four years and have developed a good working relation- ship. Name is a producer, musician and audio engineer. He has done work for the film Six Rea- sons Why, is a member of Club Treehouse and has worked with several Canadian artists.

“We realized in the beginning that we both had something. We just kept working on it and even- tually we found our sound. It’s pretty exciting,” Shyann says.

Although she’s interested in soul and jazz mu- sic now, she first began her career by singing opera. She studied as a soprano at the Calbes Voice Studio for under the guidance of Eleanor Calbes.

“I then moved to jazz, to singing pop and doing favourite covers of artists. It was hard to find my voice,” Shyann says.

Before becoming a successful artist, Shyann had mentors and artists who she looked up to. They include Amel Larrieux, who was one of her
biggest influences vocally. She also loves Radio- head and Zaki Ibrahim.

“Sometimes we need a little inspiration from the public. Seeing someone else do it in a similar way makes us realize that it can be done and you can have success with it,” she says.

Her first singing performance was in elementary school. She was always encouraged to sing the national anthem during school assemblies and gatherings.

“I was a shy girl and really terrified in front of the whole school. It was a nerve-racking experience but definitely a fulfilling one,” Shyann says.
Into The Ground will feature 10 tracks of different genres and incorporate Shyann’s love of each of them.

“My love of soul and jazz is very evident in the album and production. When people ask me what genre I am, I can’t say just one,” she explains.

Shyann says that a career in the arts is not an easy route but is very fulfilling.

“At the end of the day if you love it and have that true passion, set a goal for yourself and just do what you can,” she suggests. - Stephanie Dwarka, Journailst


Still working on that hot first release.



Born in Montreal, raised in Toronto, Shyann is an emerging Canadian singer/songwriter who combines jazz, trip hop & soulful vocals to craft her sound. She’s influenced by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Portishead, Steve Wonder, Janelle Monae and Radiohead. Starting off in a musical world of opera singing, then expanding into Jazz and Trip Hop music, you can hear the product of her musical influences in her debut album titled ‘Into The Ground’, produced by Nick Name.

‘Into The Ground’ is a FACTOR-funded project that combines Shyann’s haunting vocals with Nick Name’s unique production. After performing to a sold out crowd at her album release party (held at Drake Underground), the duo embarked on a project to record live performances of a number of songs from the album. ‘Live At Hart’ is a series of live music videos that were recorded at Hart House in Toronto. These music videos are currently airing to rave reviews on an OMNI Television series, ‘V-Mix’.

Since the album release in 2012, Shyann was one of the top finalists of the 2012 Canadian Radio Star National Songwriting Competition and was nominated for Best Emerging Performing Artist from the Mississauga Arts Council. She has opened for De La Soul at the SoundBites Food Truck Festival, headlined the Canadian Beatboxing Championships (Mod Club Theatre), performed in the NFL Pre-Game Show (Yonge-Dundas Square), DesiFest (Yonge-Dundas Square) & opened for Bunji Garlin at Irie Music Festival. She also toured Japan in 2014 promoting ‘Into The Ground’ in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukushima and Kyoto. Currently, Shyann is crafting an eight- piece music ensemble called ‘The Shyann Collective’ – which features a blend of vocals, beatboxing, emceeing, keys, bass, guitar, drums, backup vocals & a DJ under Shyann’s lead. They recently played to a crowd of over 1,000 people at The Carlu in Toronto.

With Shyann’s live act expanding, and a new album in the works, Shyann is eager to continue crafting her sound, both as a recording artist and performer and embraces every opportunity   that comes her way. To learn more about Shyann, listen to her music.

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