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"Track of the Day: Shy Around Strangers - Never Look Down"

Shy Around Strangers are a three piece from NYC. Comparisons abound. I’ll go with sparky, anthemic, hopeful, insistent and carrying the torch for pop-infused new wave in these latter days.

Emily Powers’ vocal line is suitably crushed around the edges and is quite simply a voice we could listen to all night.

In an admirable stance, they are for the moment insisting that their branding, their persona, come across only in the music, and are therefore avoiding the usual “aren’t we photogenic and good looking” route. The little picture here is about the closest we are going to get. In fact, they say “their bodies are mere vessels to project musical imagery, instead of billboards attempting to sell a pre-fabricated image”. So give up the googling and just enjoy the track. There’s not much out there yet, the band are only now working on their debut EP, for release at the end of August. Going on this track, we’re all ears - God is in the TV

"Shy Around Strangers - New Music "Introducing""

Here's a post I've been meaning to post for two months now, New York trio Shy Around Strangers have since amassed an incredible 4k + facebook followers and critical acclaim from around the global with just one song, the debut track to be released from their debut EP (due August), "Never Look Down".

A few listens later and it's not hard to see why, the potent combination of racing drums, huge guitars, keys and vocalist Emily Powers' husky vocal delivery is immediately alluring, Emily's voice comes from a similar field to that of Shirley Manson or Emily Haines, it's powerful from the outset and the choice to make it so prominent in the mix was definitely a good one. "Never Look Down" hits you like a freight train and pulls you along for the journey, an exhilarating ride that can only get you excited for more. - Just Music that I Like

"Shy Around Strangers - Never Look Down"

If Blondie were starting out today rather than in the murky depths of the 1970s, then I imagine they would sound a little bit like New York trio Shy Around Strangers. Their debut single "Never Look Down" (which is available as a complimentary download), shows a band starting as they mean to go on, with the powerful raspy voice of Emily Powers dominating the song, which wouldn't sound out of place on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "It's Blitz" album. - The Metaphorical Boat

"Pointer #1 : Shy Around Strangers – Never Look Down"

debut single from this new york band comprising of emily powers (she of the excellent husky cracked vocals i suspect), saric, and michael dawson.

while its a doesn’t break the mould for originality, i can’t deny i’m loving this slice of cool late 80s john hughes soundtrack styled indie.

suspect i’m the only person that would tie the sound of shy around strangers to a band called tribe, but given that i still listen to their major label release, abort on a regular basis, this is no bad thing,

in other words, radio friendly wide screen guitars-n-keyboards, pumped up bass line, and a cigarette scorched vocal : a winning recipe for me. - I Really Love Music

"Shy Around Strangers"

Imagine the following setting. You’re in Manhattan for a quick visit and you pick up gig tickets for an old reliable or a favourite artist who’s playing somewhere like “The Bowery Ballroom” or “Terminal 5”, in the hopes of witnessing a genuinely worthwhile musical experience. While waiting for the headline act you get distracted by what seems to be a familiar sound emanating from the amplifiers of the unknown opening act. You know you like it, but you know you definitely haven’t heard it before, and as a result you can’t help but devote your attention to the support band while squinting at the gig ticket attempting to identify the mystery musicians. For me, New York-based Shy Around Strangers, could be that band.

Made up of vocalist Emily Powers, Mike Dawson and Saric, Shy Around Strangers is the type of act that makes you lose patience with the bouncer and the cloakroom attendant as you try and push into the club to participate in the fast paced clap-along to a song like “Never Back Down”, the band’s debut. With a vocal style well within a competitor’s reach of Alison Mosshart or Shingai Shoniwa, Ms Powers’ commanding lyrics order you to attention while the complete three-piece holds your intrigue with ease. - The Grapevine

"The VPME Track of the Day - Shy Around Strangers"

Shy Around Strangers are a new (ish) band from NYC who combine thundering bass, chiming guitars, swirling keyboards and the smoky whiskey cracked vocals of Emily Powers to great effect. Vocally Powers is somewhere between Shirley Manson and Metric’s Emily Haines, which as you would imagine is a pretty darn fine place to be.“Never Look Down” artfully combines flourishes of 80's cinematic melodrama with radio friendly 90's grunge to produce a sound that whilst not unique, is extremely satisfying and expertly crafted. And y’know, some days you just cant be arsed with being challenged by wilfully perverse yelping laid over sampled sounds of crickets masturbating (see Bjork,) sometimes you just want a big fucking monster, balls-out TUNE and Shy Around Strangers deliver it with aplomb! - The VPME

"Shy Around Strangers"

New York’s Shy Around Strangers have sparked my interest. Their single, “Never Look Down” made me nervous with the first few seconds sounding decidedly pop punk, but it evolved to a deeper dark, enticing affair. Emily Powers, the band’s vocalist, has these raspy, sultry vocals that pierce you with the deepest regret and empathy. As I’m currently in the midst of watching the seminal 90’s classic reality Bites, I sure wish this song would have been it. It seriously would be perfect as the radio friendly 90’s don’t give a fuck personal is certainly present. As the band set out to make their music act as their physical persona (hence the name), I believe the track is too promising, and the vocals are too good for the band to hide from the spotlight too much longer. - Handclap Movement


Never Look Down - Single
Shy Around Strangers EP I (August 28th 2012)



Shy Around Strangers is a great band name in its own right, but what makes this three-piece’s namesake even more apropos is their mission to make the music itself the public face and persona of the band. Co-founded in 2011, members Emily Powers, Saric and Michael Dawson shared a disdain for the current superficial trends in the recording industry, and starting recording their first EP as a collaborative protest against the importance placed on physical aesthetics. Intentionally blurring themselves to the public eye focuses the attention where it belongs – on the personality within the songs. Their bodies are mere vessels to project musical imagery, instead of billboards attempting to sell a pre-fabricated image.

The sultry grit in Emily Powers vocal delivery is enough alone to entrance an audience. Her voice breaks with the sincerity of a wolf in sheep's clothing, luring you in with a sinister wink, and leaving you excitedly ill at ease somewhere between fear and sexual tension as you ponder her clever wordplay. When amplified by the hypnotic grime-laden grooves provided by drummer Mike Dawson and brought to life in cinematic fashion with effected mastery by Saric, the result is a hybrid-genre where the eccentric meets the accessible. The opposite spectrums create a dance of melodic discord with a subtext of complex atmospheric textures underneath the surface of easily digestible song structures. The songs possess both the nostalgic romanticism of early 80s New Wave, Goth and Post-Punk and the explicit exposure of raw emotions of the early 90s.

The band is currently finishing work on their debut EP, due out in August of this year, while also preparing for upcoming shows in the NYC area.