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"Shy Blakeman & The Whiskey Fever Band"

"Shy Blakeman is one of the hottest up & coming entertainers in the Texas Music scene. Watch for great things from this young young artist!"
- Country Music Texas Magazine

"Road Review"

"I went to check out Shy Blakeman & The Whiskey Fever Band last Saturday night in Dallas, TX. One word... EXPLOSIVE! I got wore out just watching them perform. Don't miss a chance to see these guys. You'll be cheating yourself if you do. - Swurve Magazine

"A musician who rolls with gun shots as well as punches"

Just 6 weeks ago, Shy Blakeman thought he had seen his last sunrise. He was in Dallas, just after a gig, when a mugger tried to rob his friend. Shy intervened not knowing what the mugger would do. This resulted in a shot through his jaw straight through the jugular vein.From the time he was shot till he found him self in an ambulance, he thought that he was spending his last night on earth. His vision became negative quality snapshots and he fought himself to stay conscious. If he fell asleep, he thought that would be the end of him.

Shy must not be finished here just yet. Like a cat with 9 lives, he just keeps on living. Once in the ambulance, he realized that he would live. But then, his thoughts turned to music. Would he be able to sing again? Shy has been around music his whole life. His father started "the Whiskey Fever Band" in Laramie, Wyoming back in 1979. His father was the lead singer of this Southern Rock band, following the outlaw movement started by Willie and Waylon. This band weathered many changes over the years, such as musicians and states. But, it weathered the years and found it self back in the great state that inspired it¹s existence. The Whiskey Fever Band returned to it¹s Texas roots in 1994.

When Shy came to the guitar himself at age 14, his musical idols were far from country. He listened to the Reggae, Ska, and Punk that dominated the California scene of his teens. At 16, he moved to Texas and began writing songs as a means to pick up girls. He was a typical teenager, with a great love for music.

He grew up a little and moved to New York, where in addition to teaching, he played guitar for a successful punk band called Reluctant 131 and were finding a receptive audience.

However, Shy was growing out of his punk phase. Straight up Punk music did not have enough of an emotional release for Shy. He wanted to write songs filled with stories that meant something. He needed music with more soul and deeper roots.

So in 2001, when he could not return to work in New York he quit the band and moved back to Texas. He began composing sincere and truthful songs that expressed the insightful man he had grown into.

When his father decided to retire from the Whiskey Fever Band just a few years ago, Shy Blakeman just could not let his father's legacy die. He stacked the band with talent and dedicated himself to his father¹s legacy of honky tonkin' southern rock, with a touch of the blues.

Their first album "Downtown Women" is filled with catchy songs and features some great names in music: Gary P. Nunn, Rusty Weir, and Miranda Lambert. The Band currently opens for the likes of Cory Morrow, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Phil Pritchet, and Darrel Dodd to name a few. They gig from Wichita Falls, to Corpus Christi, Louisiana to Lubbock.... And they are committed to the hard work and touring that it takes to succeed.

With all this going for him, Shy was too resilient to let a little something like a gunshot wound get in his way. On January 17, he will sing again on stage with his band, in his new hometown of Longview, after a 6 week recovery.

Regardless of the fact that it was music that inadvertently got him shot, giving up music never crossed his mind. On the contrary, Shy realized how important music is to him. It is what he wants to do with the rest of his life.

I asked Shy what he learned from his brush with death, and he said 2 things: not to put off till tomorrow what one can do today, and how much his loved ones mean to him.

He wanted to say thanks for all the love and support shown to him during these trying past weeks. Your thoughts and prayers have meant everything to him. Despite a gun shot wound, Shy Blakeman and the Whiskey Fever Band are still going strong. Their music contains more passion for life than ever. Shy is eager to perform and eager to return to the studio for a second album. This album he promises will be even deeper in lyrics. It will also branch out into more country styles that were left off the first album, such as blue grass, Americana and country rock. Check 'em out. They have all the heart, drive, history and skill to become a Texas legend.

When Shy Blakeman is 65, he hopes to still be singing for a crowd that can sing along. We wish him the best and congratulate him on his courage to keep on livin'.

- Texas Rising Star Magazine

"Music Spotlight: Shy Blakeman & The Whiskey Fever Band"

Since this issue is spotlighting Texas Music and it’s growing popularity, we thought it only fitting to include East Texas’ own Shy Blakeman and The Whiskey Fever Band. If you are a Texas Music fan you may already be familiar with the name. Their single “Downtown Women”, which featured Gary P. Nunn, was heard on radio stations across the state of Texas enough that it was listed on the Texas music charts, the progressive country charts and the Texas regional radio report. What you may not be aware of is that Shy and the boys are based in East Texas. Along side of Shy, the band Whiskey Fever is comprised of Terry Salyer on Drums, Jeremy Eppes on Bass, and Big John Mills on Lead Guitar.

Born on a ranch in Wyoming, Shy was influenced early in life by seeing his dad play in a band called “Whiskey Fever”, where he initially got his country roots. Then around six Shy moved with his family to California and began getting influenced by Rock. Then from California they moved to Texas when Shy was 14. He stayed here till after high school and then moved to New York City where he joined the punk band Reluctant 131. It was during this time when Shy got his first taste of touring. Around three years ago he moved back to Texas from New York City. After moving back to Texas, Shy joined his father’s band “Whiskey Fever”. When Shy’s father retired from the band, Shy took over where his dad left off, continued the family tradition of making music and that’s where it all started for the current lineup.

Along with getting radio airplay, the band has recently been gearing up and touring across the southern mid west performing with band’s such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Deryl Dodd, Cooter Graw, and Bonnie Bishop just to name a few. If you want to see the band live your chance is coming up because they will be performing in East Texas again on October 20th at The Lumber Yard in Nacogdoches and then again on October 22nd at Memphis Bar and Grill in Longview. It may be a good idea to see one of these shows because the band doesn’t get around here as much anymore since their touring schedule has increased. - East Texas Connection Magazine

"Not Another Frat Boy"

Shy Blakeman & the Whiskey Fever Band, ''Downtown Women''

Shy Blakeman would appear to be just another frat-boy turned alt-country singer judging by the look of the furry-faced young 'un,

Unlike so many of the others, though, Blakeman has got the chops. Shy puts forth an immodest 10 tracks of roadhouse ruckus on this, his debut disc, stating his case for statewide notoriety.

''Crying In Your Sleep,'' a duet with country star Miranda Lambert, wonderfully displays the underlying blues rhythms that set this album apart from its Texas country contemporaries. Blakeman seems comfortable sharing the spotlight with Lambert, and again on the title track with Gary P. Nunn. Both tracks are radio-ready. Don't be surprised to hear Blakeman on your dial soon.
- San Angelo Times


"God is not done with Mr. Shy Blakeman yet!"
- Wynonna Judd

"Shy does it like he means it!"
- Big Kenny - Big & Rich

"This Texas boy knows how to do what he's good at!"
- John Rich - Big & Rich

"America is missing out! You were truly channeling Skynyrd."
- Anastasia Brown - Nashville Star Judge

“Shy Blakeman personifies individuality in an era where originality seems to be fading… Basically, Shy kicks ass!”
- Mike Martin, KJCS 103.1fm - Nacogdoches, TX

“In the past year Shy Blakeman and the Whiskey Fever Band have gone from a virtually unknown band to one of the biggest draws my club has ever had. Shy’s high energy brand of entertainment coupled with the musical extravaganza of the Whiskey Fever Band results in one of the most explosive shows I or anyone has seen in a long, long time."
- George Miles, Tavern in the Gruene - New Braunfels, TX
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"Downtown Women" LP 2003

Singles released off album:
"Downtown Women" Featuring Gary P. Nunn
(40 weeks on Texas Radio Charts)


"Stoned in Mexico" EP 2004

Singles released off album:
"Blue Eyes (Live)"

Independent singles released:
"Christmas in The Trailer Park" 2004
"Run Run Rudolph" 2005

"The Southern Roots Revival" LP 2005

Singles released off album:
"Knockin' On Heavens Door"
(#5 on the Texas Regional Radio Reports)
(#9 on the Texas Music Charts)

"Going Back To Texas"
(Top 30 hit on Texas Radio Charts)

"The Southern Roots Revival - Re-released" 2006

New singles released:
"Still Talking 'Bout You"
(Top 30 hit on Texas Radio Charts)

"Million Miles Away"
(Releasing to radio January 22nd)


Feeling a bit camera shy


An interesting past, a colorful character, a tradition of music in his family, and a bushel full of talent comprise the one and only Shy Blakeman.
Shy was born in Wyoming in July of 1980. The first years of his life were spent watching his father sing in the local country act "Whiskey Fever". "I think my dad and the Whiskey Fever Band were my biggest influence. They’re music was the first I remember hearing. I think it‘s just been engrained in me ever since." After Shy turned 6 his family packed up and moved to California. "That’s where I was introduced to Rock, Rap, Ska, and Reggae! I credit Ska and Reggae for making me fall in love with music. The first band I ever started was a Ska/Punk band… I don’t even remember the name of it, it was terrible" he laughs. By the age of 14 Shy and his family moved to Texas. Shy struggled through his high school years with many bands. "It always seemed about the time we’d get a band started up somebody would quit, and we would have to start all over again." After high school Shy hit New York City, and met up with a few friends. "We started Reluctant 131, we were a pretty popular band. I mean it took a while but we really gathered a following. We traveled on tour all down the east coast, and into the Midwest. At that time most of the bands on the tour were just like us, regionally successful. But I just wasn’t happy with punk. So I decided to move back to Texas.” When Shy returned to the Lone Star State he started performing with his Father’s band. “It finally felt like I was doing something right”. Playing locally until his father retired from music. In 2002 Shy released his debut album “Downtown Women”. The title track spent over 40 weeks on the Texas charts and featured Texas legend Gary P. Nunn. The album was moderately successful in the state and also featured special guest Rusty Wier and Miranda Lambert. “Downtown Women was a learning experience for me. I had never done a full album on my own before. So I was a little apprehensive when it was released. But it was well received by the fans and DJ’s so I guess it did what it was supposed to do”. After releasing his freshman project Shy Blakeman & The Whiskey Fever Band hit the road touring Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and even into Mexico. That is until December 2, 2003. Shy was shot during an attempted robbery in Dallas, TX. “It was right after the show. I tried to wrestle the gun away and he shot me in the face. I’m real lucky to be alive today”. Shy was rushed to the hospital where they performed emergency surgery. “While I was in the hospital I realized this (music) is what I really wanted to do. I almost lost my life, so I’m gonna do what really makes me happy. It really motivated me”. After 6 weeks bed rest Shy was finally ready to start playing again. The band has toured continually from February 2003 to present date, playing almost 150 dates in 2005 alone. His soulful and edgy delivery of country music will make you understand the meaning of ‘roots’ as Shy immerses himself deeply in the music. Shy Blakeman & the Whiskey Fever Band deliver a blend of old school honky-tonk, Southern (and Texas) Rock, and a dash of Blues. The high energy approach to Shy's brand of country is uplifting and contagious and with the release of his sophomore project “The Southern Roots Revival” he’s more determined than ever. So if you ever get a chance to catch one of his shows make sure and get a front row seat. You won’t be disappointed.

“Shy Blakeman personifies individuality in an era where originality seems to be fading… Basically, Shy kicks ass!”
- Mike Martin, KJCS - Nacogdoches, TX

“In the past year Shy Blakeman and the Whiskey Fever Band have gone from a virtually unknown band to one of the biggest draws my club has ever had. Shy’s high energy brand of entertainment coupled with the musical extravaganza of the Whiskey Fever Band results in one of the most explosive shows I or anyone has seen in a long, long time.
- George Miles, Tavern in the Gruene - New Braunfels, TX