Shy Boy Ent

Shy Boy Ent

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Shy Boy Ent is a production team out of Houston Texas that have been doing there thing for a while now with many great talents including Song Writing, Music Productions, and looking to produce other artist to build there empire. They are working with Kendrick Conway (R&B SINGER) Look out for him.


Shy Boy Ent is a production founded in the Spring of 2008 by Jeremy Taylor And Rodgeriel Smith.They both have a hunger for Music and Knowledge and looking to grow there company into something big. Rodgreil and Jeremy are both dedicated and hardworkers towards there craft and looking to pursuit there dreams in the music industry.Roger and Jeremy both have a strong passion to succedd in life and work harder and harder as they go. These two have great potential to being something great with the right direction. They have numerous talents they right all of there own music and produce their own beats. They have produced their own artist Kendrick Conway with the song Is it to late they wrote all of the music and lyrics to this song and was featured on soundclick Top 100.
They have had 2 beats on soundclick Top 100 and even more that have been steady going on the charts for months now. Is it to late Peaked at #54 on the urban charts, and #38 in R&B/Soul/Pop. With them staying on this right path and putting GOD first anything is possible and there is no telling to the heights they can go.


Is it to late #38 on Soundclick on Urban Charts
Is it to late get internet radio play on itunes station
But tonight another beat in Top 100 with over 20,000 hits to this date.

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