We are a band from Seattle who feel like we are trying to do something a little bit different by mixing the artistic sounds of bands like circa survive and evaline and making them more listenable for the pop crowds.


ShyForShy has been a performing band for 8 months. We have worked tirelessly to promote and get ourselves on the bills of big shows with such bands as The Cab, This Providence, The Scene Aesthetic, a Rocket to the Moon, National Product, and Hey Monday. Our music is catchy and very powerful, we LOVE going on the road and meeting amazing fans, promoters, and everyone involved in music. With a blend of catchy lyrics, dance beats, and screaming guitars, we bring a high energy approach to music, while still keeping true to our musical tastes. We are hitting the road this summer on tour and hopefully never stopping!
One of the things that I think sets our band apart his how we can ride the fine line of being a pop band that’s really easy to listen too but also a more artistic band that’s a bit more eclectic in their sound. Also we are all massively tall, 6’7, 6’5, 6’3 and the shortest is 6’1, which always catches an eye… As crazy as that sounds, people dig it hahahaha!


We just finished recording our new ep at destiny studios in Seattle, WA. It will be out in april of this year.

Set List

we can play up to a 50 minute set of original music. We pride ourselves in putting together solid sets that show the well rounded sound of our band.
our song list includes.
-who you are
-Like something in a dream
-consider this
-same like you
-in stereo
-the art of knowing
-Doubt it
-You're wearing out