Shy Murphy

Shy Murphy


The newly transplanted, now Nashville based Shy Murphy is emerging as a leader of the "Shy" rock movement. It is enough pop to make you smile, enough rock to make you move, melody in doses that will linger for days, and the lyrical honesty to make you feel like you're home.


Shy Murphy is an up and coming band recently transplanted in Nashville, TN from Houston, TX. It all started when Bryce Carter and Ryan Booth started writing songs together while going to Texas A&M University. In May of 2004, while Ryan was working at Sputnik Studio in Nashville, Shy Murphy recorded its first CD. It was about that time that Patrick Hunton started playing bass with the band. Fast forward 8 months, and the band is all living in Nashville, playing shows around town whenever they can. Shy Murphy's main influences are Josh Rouse and Coldplay, but also include Nick Drake, U2, and a little bit of Motown.


Worth It

Written By: booth/carter

v: it's just you and i tonight
our spinning heads
and your blue eyes
i've got a kiss here that says
"hey, let's give it a try"

c: so this is not goodbye
take my hand
and i swear that we can fly

v: i swim that deep blue sea
as you do that enveloping thing
my stolen glances
and your kissing trees

b: the best i feel
isn't enough
it's choosing you
and you're worth it to me


Honesty EP - 2005

Set List

The Blurring
Sweet Tooth
Worth It
Shot in the Dark
Startle at the Sun
Don't Count Us Out
In the End

covers: (may or may not be used)

What the World Needs Now
Time Ago

*a typical set is roughly one hour*