Shy Nobleman

Shy Nobleman



Shy Nobleman is Israel’s probably most famous Power Pop / Indie Rock singer.

In 2002 his debut album, "How To Be Shy", was chosen by Rolling as "One of the ten best of the year". Alternative Press hailed: "He can take over America".

His second album, "Beautiful life" (2006) yielded 3 top 10 hits on Isreal's national radio stations. Influenced by the likes of The Kinks, Scott Walker and Wings; Compared to Adam Green, Jens Lekman and Weezer, Shy made a name for himself as "one of Tel Aviv most innovative and charismatic artists ever"(Time Out).

In the last few years Shy Nobleman has been sharing stages with the likes of Of Montreal, Echo and the Bunnymen and German legend, Tomte. Nobleman is currently writing his 3rd album and hosting a weekly comedy Internet Sports show "Yoad Alperon".

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I have a girlfriend (yeh, yeh, yeh)
And it's the first time (yeh, yeh, yeh)
I've fallen in love (yeh, yeh, yeh)
And I'm 29

It's all I could ask for, should have been wonderful, wonderful to me

Back from New York (yeh, yeh, yeh)
Moved into her place (yeh, yeh, yeh)

She gave me ice-cream (yeh, yeh, yeh)

It felt really nice

Now I'm so fat, I feel terrible about my looks

I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend
But I'm still lost inside

During high school (yeh, yeh, yeh)
I hated all the girls in my class (yeh, yeh, yeh)

They were so nasty (yeh, yeh, yeh)
I thought I was gay

Things didn’t change, I was miserable till the day she found me

I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend, I have a girlfriend
But I'm still lost inside

"Girlfriends are not easy to find" said my mother, "Girlfriends are not easy to find" said my father, "especially the pretty ones" my grandma laughed at me

I had a girlfriend, I had a girlfriend


2001 How to be shy
2006 Beautiful Life

3 songs were top 10 hits on Israel's national radio stations: "Girlfriend", "Baby in the rain", "wonderful".

Set List

Baby in the rain
2 could be better than 1
Mr. Kluger
Lonely Boy
Beautiful life
I am changing everyday
Road to rome
Sad song happy song
Power pop symphony
Come join the team

sets could range from 30 minutes- 1.5 hour