Shyster is high energy rock - plain and simple! Dual screaming guitars, thunderous bass, technical beats all lay the foundation for the strong, melodic vocals that define who we are. Prepare yourself for a "rock" experience like no other.


***NEW MUSIC JUST RELEASED 4/13/06*** Come and Get Some

With the release of their single 'Revolution,' Shyster stormed the Chicago music scene. Raw talent and the credibility of its members afforded Shyster the opportunity to debut at Chicago's Mobfest 2005 and the "revolution" had begun. Shyster consists of four guys from Chicago who have "been there and done that" long enough to know that it's all just a good time...The band fuses their influences together to create music that they pinning the tunes to a specific confusing sub-genre...just good ol' rock-n-roll, Shyster style...


Following the release of their single 'Revolution,' Shyster's self-titled EP debuted in the Winter of 2005. Shyster continues to write and record new music.

Streaming airplay can be heard at Live365 CMP Radio Network. Songs can be played and downloaded at

Prior to the esablishment of Shyster, the band released various singles and full length CDs under the names Temporary Buzz and PeaceFreak.

Set List

Shyster's set list contains original music with a few covers done OUR WAY!

1) Revolution
2) Get Outta My Head
3) Punk
4) Losing Myself
5) Knock Me Down
6) Sunday Mourning
8) Pink Love
9) No More
10) Come and Get Some
11) Various Covers

A typical set is 45 minutes.