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"We are Listening to.. Shyvonne"

She is a soul singer and song writer hailing for Harlem World in New York City. Shyvonne has been singing for over ten years. She's mastered the art of marketing and PR with some of the entertainment industry's top companies. And got a great foot in the door singing back up for Estelle after coming back to New York after completing college.

She has a bright bubbly smile, eclectic personal style and ever changing hair color set you up to not expect the strong soulful voice to belt out of her. She writes about the things that as young women, we go through everyday. I personally love how she describes the situations we go through with dudes and paints relate able pictures with her lyrics. She works with a team of some of the hottest new producers in the game, including Precize, Melo-X and Kingdom. Her music is a mix of everything NYC, some electro, experimental, rock, r & b, soul, techno, dance and pop. She gives them all to me!

She performs across the country and the U.K. This fly mama has quite a buzz going. She has even opened up for artists such as Dwele and rocked the stages at college homecomings. Witnessing one of her live performances is a treat! Especially when she covers club favorites like Robin S' "Show Me Love."
- When Creatives Attack

"Street Chic Icons"

Current Gig: By day marketing with Ciroc at Bad Boy Worldwide, PR/ Marketing Director of No1s Done it Right (promoting peace through parties), Freelance with BET & By night aspiring singer

Motto: “be the change you ought to see in the world” (c) Ghandi

Quote to live by: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” (c) Dr. Seuss

Q: Who’s your style icon?
A mixture of Kelis, Gwen Stefani and Carrie Bradshaw (lol), the three combined would be the perfect blend of controlled fashion chaos with lots of colors!

Q: What defines your iconic style?
Just being myself I guess, it’s not about what people think but how I feel. If it’s sunny out and I’m in a great mood it reflects my outfit. My style is a mixture of everything.

Q: What are your daily inspirations?
The weather, what clean clothes I have available, my hair color can inspire and dictate my wardrobe but, as for inspiration nothing moves me more then music.

Q: What’s the one thing people would never guess about you?
I’ve played sports my whole life. Football for two years, field hockey, volleyball and ran track from 8th grade through college. I went to Towson in Baltimore (Division 1) and threw shot put, hammer and discus at track meets. People would always be like what event do you do; as I’d show up with pink hair and some dunks lol.

Q: What’s the biggest fashion rule you would never break?
Ha! Never say never!

Q: What are your wardrobe’s staple pieces?
My hair color (s) has become such a huge piece of my statement and I love gold and big ole door knockers. Recently, I had to take my earrings down in size though because they’ve been hurting…lol.

Q: What women’s street wear designers should we be on the look out for?
I rock my Hellz Bellz jacket all the time, but as for the look out, I think we will be hearing a lot of people saying that their designs are not actually “street wear” at all.

Q: In 5 years, I’ll probably be…
Happily overworked, in 5 years (most likely less) I will be singing all day and everyday! - Clutch Magazine

"She lives in color"

Well-coordinated in her color of creativity, Shyvonne illustrates a picture perfect blend of sass and soul, drawn from her easel of an inspiration called life.

Name: Shyvonne (Ill never tell my middle name) Sanganoo
Better Known As: Shyvonne (E is silent please), or one of the many nicknames people like to give me.

Age: 22 going on 50
Born: In a hospital (Bronx, NY)
Based: I now lay my head to rest for 3hrs/night in Harlem
Fav Brands: Anything colorful with limited visible labelness
Occupation: Cool runnings; My 9am-12am is Marketing with Ciroc at Bad Boy, I also do the PR/Marketing for No1s Done is Right (promoting peace through parties), PR with strong arm media, Freelance with BET for Award shows, and most importantly working on my music is certainly a full time job (even though its not yet paying off my student loans )
Cultural Makeup: A lil bit of my mom mixed with some of my dad First generation American; moms from Trinidad and Dads from St. Lucia with a buncha other stuff in between…

Fun Fact: Shyvonne’s cover of Diddy’s “Last Night” became somewhat of an overnight sensation tallying over 80,000 hits since it’s inception. (“I taped that song in my friend Tommie’s dorm in college and I had to sing close to the computer because it did not have a microphone. It literally picked up every single note, sound, breath, it was soooo loud!”)

What song best describes your outfit?
Hmmm…”Just a Girl” by No doubt meeting “Around the Way Girl” LL Cool J, I think that would explain it; little bit of Ska-Rock-Hip Hop on the stoop in BK.

Where is the most fashionable place you’ve visited?
LONDON TOWN — even the homeless people looked fly!

Do you tie in any fashion influence from your multi cultural make up?
I do not notice that I do intentionally, but here and there a family member will say I look like I’m going to carnival [laughs] — guess being bright is just in my blood. It’s weird though: its my cultural make up, but me and my parents are from completely different worlds. Oh well, everything has an influence if you realize it or not.

Are there any similarities between the statement you try to make in music to your taste in fashion?

Yes and No, I like a lot of different types of music and it reflects my mood; much like my taste in fashion it varies often. But it can also contradict, I write when I’m upset so I may have hot pink hair while singing a bitter love song, a bright appearance does not always necessarily mean that’s how I am feeling inside when it comes to my music.

Your style seems to draw from a bunch of different subcultures. What are you into outside work and singing?

There’s life outside or working and singing [laughs]? I was an athlete my whole life so I think that’s wear my comfort in sneakers and NOT wearing 5 in killer heels comes from. I just like to live so whatever that may entail at that time in life, I’m always running around or doing something to stay busy so I like to dress in a way that I can do anything and everything if it comes my way.

If you could write a love song about the evoloution of your style, it would be called?
Hmm…good question. It would be called “Deep Layers” because that’s the story of my life. It may seem a certain way from the outside but there have been many stages and phases that have led me to where I am today figuratively and literally. Life’s unpredictable; I wear a lot of layers because you never know what may happen and what you may need. - Trace Magazine


Mindreader (single) Fools Gold worldwide digital release



Shyvonne Sanganoo the 23 year old singer/ songwriter was born and raised in NY. She began singing in musicals, a ska band, and with music ranging across many genres and has earned the title of Rock&SOULectro with hip hop roots! After graduating from Towson University in 2007 she has sung back up
artists such as Grammy award winning artist Estelle, and rappers such as
Theophilus London and Mickey Factz. Shyvonne has also performed all over New
York, to Atlanta, London, and the Baltimore/DC area. She is currently recording and working towards an upcoming project as well as her single
coming out in the Fall. In 2009 her song "Mind Reader" produced by Kingdom was signed as a single with Acaphele Records where 500 limited edition vinyls will be sold, and Food Gold Records will be doing the worldwide digital release at the end of this year.