Rock & Soul Electro fused with 90's club music with soul vocals mixed with some rock and punk. Original material with alot of energy attached to it.


Shyvonne Sanganoo the 23 year old singer/ songwriter was born and raised in NY. She began singing in musicals, a ska band, and with music ranging across many genres and has earned the title of Rock&SOULectro with hip hop roots! After graduating from Towson University in 2007 she has sung back up
artists such as Grammy award winning artist Estelle, and rappers such as
Theophilus London and Mickey Factz. Shyvonne has also performed all over New
York, to Atlanta, London, and the Baltimore/DC area. She is currently recording and working towards an upcoming project as well as her single
coming out in the Fall. In 2009 her song "Mind Reader" produced by Kingdom was signed as a single with Acaphele Records where 500 limited edition vinyls will be sold, and Food Gold Records will be doing the worldwide digital release at the end of this year.


Second Chances

Written By: Shyvonne

Intro (slowly):
So I was thinkin,
Maybe we could start again,
Try to be friends,
Perhaps change the ending,
But it takes compromise,
Not built on lies,
And your crooked smile,
We both know how that story goes

Verse 1 (lead into the quick plucking)
Maybe we should not set ourselves up,
When times get rough,
Those sweet memories,
Are longing to be,
Back in between our lives,
Yes you and me me,
But the past didn't last so why would we go back,
And you keep making mistakes,
Thinking that your smile replaces,
Everything that makes me want to forget YOU

Maybe we should,
Not break the rules,
I was thinking we could be cool,
But you keep pretending,
Wishing for happy endings,
But your loves just lust,
I've given enough second CHANCES

Verse 2:
We should never have said forever,
Cause forever is for fools,
I was crazy over you,
Was so blind I could not see the truth,
Sayin I was too naïve to see YOU

Chorus ending changes into bridge:
"" I've had enough OF YOUR LIES
Many nights I've cried bc of what you put me through,
On a search to find a simple piece of mind,
And although its too late to change,
I will replace you,
And leave our memories behind,
(Build up)
The past is just the past,
cuz we could not last,
Anymore heartache is just too much to take (x2)

Play out and slow down for the ending:
Many nights I've cried bc of what you put me through, I had to decide
no more second chance for you


Mindreader (single) Fools Gold worldwide digital release

Set List

Mindreader, London Skies, Second Chances,This is Me,Damn, Access Granted, Jump, Cross Roads. Cover songs: