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"Siah S in El Paso Times"

Crystal Robert: Keep your ear to the ground for "Phenominal" Siah S Crystal Robert / Special the Times Posted: 10/23/2009 01:31:16 PM MDT
"Some call it luck some plain call it talent, I'm the whole entire package that you others ain't matchin'"- "Phenominal" by Siah S Recent transplant, Terry Josiah Sharpe, has been hittin' this dusty old town hard, bringing with him phenomenally mastered tracks brilliantly matched with thought provoking lyrics that get your mind and soul spinning. Josiah, who goes by the name Siah S, moved to El Paso from California three years ago to study Music Composition at UTEP. Siah claims to have found his love for music as an escape from the troubles that surrounded him back in Cali. Siah has dropped some knowledge at the Best of the Best, Hiney's, O'Hagan"s, Treehouse and most recently at Minerpalooza. "The shows were cool", said Siah, "and there was lots of love after and good feedback on my tracks overall." Siah's goal with his music is to create new and refreshing groove in music, a style he refers to as "rock and soul". Siah believes that this new phenom will bring together the realism of soulful lyrics, melodies and harmonies, with a rock aspect. Catchy hooks and well produced beats best describe the two tracks that Siah has shared with me, entitled "From the Ground Up", and "Phenominal". Siah's voice is thick and smooth as chocolate silk with lyrics that are just as heavy and just as slick. Siah works with hometown musicians and records locally at Jaime Blanco's studio, IntelMusik Sounds. Siah records, mixes and masters with Fellas from The Advertisement Lion's Den, Adair Lion, Blanco Productions, and Paradox. "With the team I surround myself with, our potential is limitless", said Siah of his creative collaborators. "I'll stand up tall on my feet, although you kick the ground under me" -"From the Ground Up" struggle within exemplified through thought-provoking lyrics. Just like his lyrics state, there's no doubt in my mind that Siah will prove to be "Phenominal". Keep your ear to the ground for this one. - Crystal Roberts


Wordical Productions, Inc. has just “inked” a deal with performing artist, “Siah S” for musical production in “Try’na Make A Change”! Siah S will be handling some of the music production and song writing for Season One. Being known for his new “rock n soul” sound originating out of Texas, he is currently working with Mike Eddie out of Los Angeles and Trabeats out of Atlanta, and gaining recognition from both independent and major record labels. We are excited to have him on board and to see his talent at work.” Try’na Make A Change” production crew is taking major steps as we move forward with the incredible sounds of “Fusse” and the genius of “Siah S”. Congratulations Siah! We’re proud to have you on board! - Kathy from Wordical Productions

"Siah S has now contracted for theme song"

Siah S has now contracted with Wordical for the theme song, “Try’na Make a Change” to be used for the web series webisode, “Try’na Make a Change” – due for public release in April 2010! - Kathy from Wordical Productions


Phenomenal EP
6 tracks
single: "from Ground UP"



Singer/Songwriter/VocalArranger/Composer & Producer

Siah S was born and raised in California, he started walking at around 8 months and by 9 months he was already dancing to tunes that he knew. At 5 years old he wanted to be the next Michael Jackson. He joined a San Diego Youth Choir to gain vocal discipline and learn voice perfection. He traveled all around the world from Germany to Italy and other places in Europe meeting new people and learning new cultures. His unique sound incorporates all his experiences and has something for everyone to hear.

A style he refers to as "Rock n Soul" which brings together the realism of Soulful lyrics, melodies and harmonies with the heavy rock aspect behind it, to keep the people intrigued. With thought provoking lyrics and and phenomenally mastered tracks he gets your mind and soul spinning. He currently attends The University of Texas at El Paso majoring in both Theory and Composition and Commercial Music. He has performed at "Best of the Best" in Texas, at Minerpalooza for UTEP, in NM and other places around the states. He has joined forces with such talents as Adair Lion ( Jaime Blanco (President of Intell Musik Sounds) Shae Edwards (Atrakshun Records) Trabeats (Headbangaz) MikeEddie ( just to name a few.

His determination is strong and his drive is intense. One of the most passionate artist of our time. Take your time and enjoy the sounds of ROCK & SOUL.Writing for local and mainstream artist, Siah continues to impress. Attracting attention from Independent and Major record labels.

"Rhythm is the heartbeat of music, music is the heartbeat of my life"

Siah S