Sianed accompanies herself not on guitar but on violin. She conjures up a whole orchestra between the two parts. It is hard to distinguish which is the voice and which is the violin as they meld and compliment each other seamlessly. There are danceable grooves over which her voice soars and others where her voice accompanies heart rendering violin melodies.


An International artist that has travelled the world with her music. Music that is neither for the chill out room nor for the fainthearted. The stripped down nature of it lays bare the quirky way she decorates melodies at the end of a phrases, the way the harmonies and chordal structures are placed together. The narratives in the songs drive the structure producing surprising twists and turns.



Written By: Pat Cadigan text arranged by Sianed Jones

Just flickered into existence myself
Melting out of memory
She came up as a silvery white shark
The face was in the wrong place
The memory junkie slipped out the back door
Post mind play amnesia
Halfway in half way out of the mirror
Looking in from one side
You only see what they’ve already seen
Nature gives you only so many reversals
Before she slams her hand down
on fast forward

The mirror splintered and began to unravel
A cyclone picking up speed
I spread my arms reaching for the rest of me
Swimming upstream to un spawn

A mind suck Involuntary mindwipe
Instinct screaming
The tide goes out she’s stranded on the ragged edge
Swimming upstream to un spawn

Pre-dawn in the downs is dead time
Something hinky to feed the beast
Pop out my eye time in the system
Stretchy thick and slow, Fast and brittle
The downs, trip parlours, cheap dreamlands,
Storefront talent brokers, Camouflaging street vendors

Can’t have menu in browse mode
Squint through static
Skin off
Onionheads in a jealous frenzy
The woman has flies in her eyes

I was looking at my own face
Freeze- frame
Suck the mind out
Scramble finger and retina prints
Dump the rest in cipher mode
Dreamlands selling stolen memories
Flickering into existence

Pat Cadigan Text arranged by Sianed Jones

7 Hours and 45 Minutes

Written By: Sianed Jones and Tek Tome

7 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
Until I see my love
Until I kiss my love
Until I touch my love
Until I love my love

‘You could have run from me’ he said
‘My life is always on the edge’
‘You my girl’ he said
‘have lit a fire deep inside.
It’ll be a roller coaster ride with me
But Sweet, Believe me
The Highs will blow your mind’

6 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
Until I see my love ….etc

‘Can I fall off the edge?’ she said
‘and die of happiness
and disappear into the clouds
of possibilities’
She said she couldn’t turn away
Came back for more, Believe me
Intense, Beautiful, Alive, Dangerous

5 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
Until I see my love….etc

He took her walking in the woods in the dark of night
At the edge of the city glow
He took her towards the rhythm, the pounding, the pulsing of a beat
Down in the valley below
And there they danced, and there they danced
All through the night, all through the night

Until her limbs were as light as feathers
And hovered above the ground
Until her heart was full to bursting
And her eyes were as round as the moon
Until her smile cracked open the dark dark sky
And let the sun shine through

4 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
3 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
2 Hours and 45 Minutes to go
1 hour and 45 Minutes to go
1 Minute and 45 Seconds to go

Until I see my love….etc

It was then that they decided
It was pointless asking questions like
What have you done to me?
What is happening to us? to me? to you?
Or pretending these feelings didn’t exist Believe me
They were Falling in love

Lyrics Sianed Jones & Tek Tome

Is it True?

Written By: Osama Abu Kabir

Is it true, Is it true, that the grass grows again after rain?
Is it true, Is it true that flowers will rise up again in the spring?
Is it true, is it true that birds will migrate home again?
Is it true, Is it true that the salmon will swim back up their streams?
Is it true?
This is true?
these are all miracles
Is it true that one day we'll go back to our homes?
But is it true that one day we'll go back to our homes?
Is it true, that one day, we'll leave Guantanamo Bay?

Dreaming of home
I sail in my dreams
I'm dreaming of home
to be with my children
each one part of me
to be with my wife
and the ones that I love
to be with my parents
my world's tenderest hearts
But do you hear me?
Oh Judge do you hear me at all?
We are innocent here
We've commited no crime here
But is it true, that one day
we'll leave Guantanamo Bay?

Set me free, set us free
If anywhere still?
Justice and compassion remain in this world?


‘Flickering into Existence’ sianed SLCD0010 Released on Sound & Language label Spring 2012 (Composed recorded produced)