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Detroit, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Duo Electronic Pop




"Matrino Joins Forces With Maciel For “Feel Like That” Featuring SIAS"

Based in San Francisco, rising house talent Matrino has returned with a truly exciting house anthem, teaming up with one of Latin America’s most acclaimed dance music artists, Maciel, as well as Detroit-based singing duo SIAS. The result of this exciting combination of talents is titled “Feel Like That,” and – to no surprise – it’s already taking over the electronic music world with 50k streams in its first week and more than 250k streams to date.

Out via exciting label Loud Memory, “Feel Like That” masterfully combines the respective styles of all three acts, and offers immersive and infectious vibes. A tune made both for the radio and the dancefloor, “Feel Like That” is driven by warm basslines, groovy drums and smooth atmospheres, while SIAS’ intimate vocals take the arrangement to the next level.

Read our interview with Matrino below:

You just released your single “Get It” via Loud Memory. Talk to us a bit about how the track came about.

Get It was something I finished in early 2021, after releasing a few collaborations I wanted to release a high-energy dance track and Get It was sitting in my files and it made sense to release the track. I’m very happy with how the track has done!

You’ve collaborated with Maciel two times so far, on “Feel Like That” and “Only One.” How did you two connect, and do you have any more exciting tunes with him in the works?

Me and Maciel have known eachother for quite some time now and we worked on things in the past but we never released anything. It wasn’t until we started working on Only One that we noticed that we had very similar workflows and that led to us working on Feel Like That, our chemistry and taste has helped us a ton! We definitely have some more projects in the works, stayed tuned for something huge soon!

What do you look for when sourcing the right people to collaborate with?

I look for drive and vision. I look for people who are hungry to release something that is top-tier and someone who will sit down and stay locked in during production sessions but also, someone who has a strong desire to draw up a great marketing plan to make sure that the track performs well and reaches the masses.

How did your love for music initially start? When did you decide to channel that love into music production?

I have been around music my whole life, I was first exposed to dance music in 2015 and in 2016 I discovered artists such as Malaa, Tchami, and Julian Jordan to name a few. It was very natural for me to venture into dance music and grow my production skills, it wasn’t until 2020 that I decided what direction I wanted to take and the rest has fallen into place on its own.

Where do you search for inspiration before sitting down to make music?

I love to listen to live sets, SoundCloud/Mixcloud mixes and absorb what I hear to drive the direction that I want to take in that particular session.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a music producer?

I would probably be working my way up in talent management, I love the dance music culture and scene and would still find a way to be a part of it.

If you were able to have the best singing voice in the world, or be able to play every instrument perfectly, what would you choose?

I would definitely want to have the best singing voice!

What are your plans for 2022? Do you have any exciting collaborations in the works?

I have plans to continue to release new music both collaborations/singles! I also have some shows in the works so I’m super stoked about that!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in music 100%, I see myself touring and continuing to release music, I also see myself starting my own label, a dream of mine. - youredm


Mr. Pig has unveiled his full-length Yinyang LP, a 9-track album that serves as a bona fide breakthrough for the Mexican DJ and electronic music producer.

Yinyang represents the result of months of diligent work and dedication to Mr. Pig's craft. The album features a number of his previously released singles as well as new collaborations with Fancy Folks, SIAS, Typow, and Bruses, among others, as well as a stellar joint effort with Sapir Amar. Amar is also the voice behind Mr. Pig's "Blue Dreams," a March 2020 release that has now found a home on Yinyang.

The album, which Mr. Pig made to focus on self expression through music, is a song-cycle of future pop and Latin-inspired dance music. Highlights include the bouncy future house tune "Astro," the quirky electronic number "Reggaetronic," and the nu-disco bop "Tsunami," which sounds as if it were plucked out of a Disclosure record.

You can listen to Yinyang in full below. -

"'ORIGIN' by SIAS out now"

Detroit trio SIAS describe themselves as an “alternative-world” group. Rather than confining themselves to pop, rock, electronic, or any other umbrella genre, SIAS rules out any potential expectations with their debut on ORIGIN.

The band focuses on themes of global exploration on the record, both lyrically and sonically. Their penchant for adventure is expressed with a variety of world instrumentation, such as West African percussion and the Slovakian fujara flute on “Oceans of Time.” SIAS blends this together with trap structures and pop melodies for a standout track that travels full circle across planet Earth. Further on “Element,” uncertainty turns into euphoria when a full-blown techno beat erupts out of a sullen ballad. These tracks are all so distinctive, complete with individual single artwork to visualize their spirits.

But what SIAS pulls off most spectacularly here is their level of confidence for such a fledgling band. They play songs about realizing self-potential, and essentially live it out through this solid body of work. Citing Coldplay, Jack Johnson and Imagine Dragons as influences, SIAS manages to employ the most cinematic elements of these acts to forge arena-ready music so early into their career.

Independently written, recorded and produced by SIAS, ORIGIN is out now. Available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify. - Assemble Sound

"Grosse Pointe News"

Trio releases first EP, 'Origin'

Jody McVeigh Community Editorwrite the author

From left, Haley Grant, Josias Yglesias and Scott Posada are SIAS. Courtesy photo
July 21, 2016
Three childhood friends blended their creativity and love for music to produce their first EP, “Origin,” scheduled for release Aug. 5.

Grosse Pointe Farms residents Josias Yglesias and Scott Posada and City of Grosse Pointe resident Haley Grant formed the band SIAS five years ago and have been working hard on delivering quality music to a growing fanbase. The trio of 23-year-olds have finally found their sound and are anxious to have it heard.

Lead vocalist Yglesias and guitarist Posada attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. Grant also lived in Boston for a time, but the three wanted to bring their sound back home.

“We wanted to move back to Detroit and pursue music here,” Yglesias said. “We love being in Grosse Pointe and Detroit. The energy is different from anywhere we’ve been !. Grosse Pointe has always been our home base for us and we’ll always come back to it. It’s a comfortable spot to make music.”

Much of the EP was recorded in their homes, but the trio recently purchased 12th Street Studios in Corktown. They want to be a part of Detroit’s upswing, Posada said.

“Over the years, we’ve been influenced by what we listen to, who we’ve seen live,” Posada said. “Even at school, we met some great musicians.”

The band’s biggest influences include Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer and James Horner. The eclectic mix eventually led them to discover their sound, which they describe as “alternative world.”

Art work for its single, Stand Tall.
“We incorporate all the music we like,” Yglesias said, adding the trio wrote, produced and marketed the entire package themselves.

Grant said SIAS’s local shows are drawing familiar faces as its fanbase grows. The group performs 7 p.m. Wednesdays at Telly’s Place, 20795 Mack, Grosse Pointe Woods, and has performed at The Whiskey Six, Atwater in the Park, Village Grille and Campus Martius as well. Monday, July 25, SIAS will be part of Greektown at Sundown, a festival with street performers and food trucks downtown.

Through its performances and the upcoming release of its EP, Grant said they hope to change people’s perception of artists.

“So many bands feel they have to go through a label,” she said. “Our goal was to do this independently.”

Added Yglesias, “It was definintely an experience doing it all on our own. It was a challenge, but it was rewarding.”

Not only is it important for the band to use its skillset to make and market its music, but also to give its sound emotion. Posada said a lot of music today involves the use of electronics, “so it’s not emotional or live,” he said. “We’re trying to incorporate emotion with our live performances.”

SIAS fuses electronic with live music, pulling together an array of songs that fit varying tastes in music.

“There’s a song for everyone,” Grant said of the EP, adding the lyrics stand out for her. “We’re not just talking about a love affair like every song you hear on the radio. This is so personal to us, but everyone can relate to it.”

Grant said her biggest contribution to the project was the artwork associated with each single. She said it was a collaborative effort, but through those efforts SIAS definitely has “a look.”

“When you see us on Spotify, you’ll know that’s SIAS because of the art,” she said.

The sound also sets SIAS apart. Live shows include horns, cellos and African percussion, among other instruments. Yglesias even plays a fujara flute he purchased from Germany.

The set is wireless, so Yglesias and Posada can interact with the crowd.

“We’re very versatile when we play live,” Yglesias said. “We don’t want to just press ‘play.’”

While SIAS has at least 50 fully recorded songs, the band fine-tuned six for the EP, “to represent who we are,” Yglesias said.

“With this sound, every song is different,” he said. “We pull inspiration from many different things. We make the music we want to hear. The album shifts; it’s never the same sound, but it still has consistency. We wanted the album to shift from one genre to the next without (the listener) changing the CD.”

The first single, “Stand Tall,” will be released on iTunes Friday, July 22. The second single, “Aura,” is due out Friday, July 29. The same day, preorders for “Origin” are open.

The entire EP will be available Friday, Aug. 5, on iTunes, Spotify and “pretty much anywhere you can get music online,” Posada said. Physical CDs also will be available at the band’s gigs, as well as on its website, sias, which will be up and running by the Aug. 5 release date.

For more information, visit the SIAS Facebook page. -


ORIGIN is the first EP by the alternative world band SIAS; independently written, recorded and produced in Detroit, Michigan. The album displays tropical environments, northern landscapes and urban jungles. Fusing modern electronic textures with live organic instrumentation such as West African percussion, cello, saxophone, fujara flute, field recordings, and more, give the album earthy, cinematic, and celestial feels. The EP blends numerous genres from singer-songwriter to hip-hop and focuses on the idea of adventure and self-potential. ORIGIN was inspired by artists such as Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Imagine Dragons, and the arts of Detroit, MI.



Electronic-pop duo SIAS, consists of Josias Yglesias and Haley Grant from Detroit, MI. SIAS fuses their acoustic, electronic, world and score influences to develop adventurous themes and cinematic sound-scapes. After becoming a duo in late 2019 and getting the attention of Spotify editorial staff, SIAS acquired sync placements in MTV, Chevy, and GM and performed at EDC Mexico 2020. SIAS incorporates their passion for live instrumentation and electronic influences to create a hybrid performance that is true to their roots.

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