"Siberian exhibit a cohesiveness and musicality that most other self-styled indie rock groups take several years and releases to achieve, offering a welcome respite from bands that seem to graze from the same indie pop pasture." - The Stranger


The band started in early 2004 in Seattle, WA and since conception has performed with various bands such as Wolf Parade, Youth Group, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Pedro the Lion, Menomena, We are Scientists, and Viva Voce. Their original 4 song demo, though never intended for release, was circulated throughout Seattle music scene, earning the band a loyal fan base, radio play, and enthusiastic praise from local critics.

Their 6-song EP “Hey Celestial!” has been touted by critics, well-received by college radio stations--particularly Seattle-based 90.3 KEXP--and has created a growing anticipation for their debut full-length "With Me" which will be released in October 2007.

Obligatory Sounds-Like Section: Siberian draws influences from bands like the Zombies, the Who, and Yes and could be compared to more modern bands like Interpol, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Broken Social Scene.

Publicity - Team Clermont
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Label - Sonic Boom Recordings
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ecard (stream full album):


1. With Me LP - October 2007 Sonic Boom Recordings - Recorded by Martin Feveyear,
2. Hey Celestial! EP - March 2007 Sonic Boom Recordings - Recorded by Casey Foubert (Pedro the Lion, Crystal Skulls, Rocky Votolato), Mixed by Martin Feveyear (Damien Jurado, Kings of Leon)
3. Untitled E.P. - Self-Released January 2005

Set List

Our sets run anywhere from 25-45 minutes and usually consist of 6-9 songs. All songs performed are written by Siberian.